3pc's 2 laptops 1 x-box and BTbroadband

  jay123 23:09 13 Dec 2003

Just got home from work and dad has announce that he's ordered bt broadband. We have 2 soon to be 3 desktop pc's. 2 lap tops and my x-box.
Is it possible to set up a wireless network that allows the first thing to be switched on to connect and then any other pc/x-box to share that connection? Or do i have to set one pc up to connect and just use internet connection sharing?
Bit dense when it comes to bb and networking. only found out we can now get bb in the village yesterday!
Any suggestions for wireless networking equipment would also be appreciated.

  InZaNE_mOdS 00:34 14 Dec 2003

Best way i see is getting a 6 port router. and setting up a network using that. each pc will connect at startup including xbox etc. But the Broadband modem must be ethernet for this to work, if it isnt theni suggest you buy a seperate one.

  InZaNE_mOdS 00:35 14 Dec 2003

oh i forgot you will need wireless network adapter cards for each of your pcs and access points too. You are looking at quite a high price if you can afford it.

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