3gb of Ram,shall i add 1Gb or 512mb-?using Vista)

  buel 19:40 06 Dec 2009

This question is for my mum really: She has Vista on her desktop pc with 3gb of Ram in, i ran the Crucial scan today and it said that the max it could take was 4gb so suggested that she should replace her two sticks of 512mb with two 1gb sticks. I recommended this to my mum, even though this cost £40ish. After she has bought it i remembered that Vista only 'sees' 3.5gb of Ram so i though that maybe she could have only bought 1gb of Ram and replaced one stick if 512mb to make a total of 3.5gb, would this have been more sensible? Will having 4gb help in any way whatsoever? And i suppose there isn't any way of enabling 32bit Vista to use more than 3.5gb?
Thank you in advance! (i am hoping for some positive answers as im now getting heat from her for apparently 'wasting £20'/half the £40 for 2gb)

  DieSse 19:57 06 Dec 2009

I would use it somewhere else. The difference it'll make will be unnoticeable.

The total mount of RAM that 32bit Vista will see varies from system to system, as it depends on how many RAM addresses any particular set of hardware needs. It's normally between 3.25 and 3.5, but it's not fixed by the OS, it's fixed by the hardware configuration and the resources it requires.

  GaT7 19:59 06 Dec 2009

There won't be much difference, so save her money.

If there's a bit of a slowdown, I would suggest doing a thorough Disk Cleanup click here, including System Restore & Shadow Copy files. Also defragment the hard drive click here. G

  DieSse 20:00 06 Dec 2009

PS - if it has on-board graphics, some more AM will also be in use for that. Actually in use for the graphics though, as opposed to simply having addresses allocated.

  User-1229748 20:03 06 Dec 2009

is there another compatible pc that could use one of the sticks if your mom has already forked out for it?

  buel 20:16 06 Dec 2009

Hi and thank you for that! Im afraid she only has a laptop which i believe uses different size ram? I have told her to contact Crucial to cancel the order but wouldn't it be slightly beneficial for her to alter her order to 1gb of ram so's to replace the 512mb of ram so at least giving it an extra half a gig boost(or 0.25gig depending on the hardware configuration)
Ps- she has already taken Fruit Bat's and Woodchips advice on my other thread:
click here

She has already turned off the 'bells and whistles' and 'all the fancy scrolling and fade in out rubbish' as Woodchip mentioned, just out of interest what percentage increase of power using/processor usage would doing that achieve? I was guessing around 1 to 2%??

  User-1229748 20:24 06 Dec 2009

she may get a slight increase in performance with the extra.has the pc been scanned for any nasties or is there any isp bloatware on it?

  buel 20:33 06 Dec 2009

yes, fair play to her, she has updated avg and done a full scan, updated SuperAntiSpyware and done a scan but only updated her Malwarebytes today after forgetting for many months and is doing a scan later. She defrags and performs a checkdisk regularly too. To be honest her pc is still a bit slow and clunky...! As for the isp bloatware you mention, what is that please?

  User-1229748 20:37 06 Dec 2009

software that is downloaded when you set up an internet connection with a cd,aol and virgin both use it when they send their routers out.looks very nice but hammers the memory usage.

  User-1229748 20:39 06 Dec 2009

she could also try different browsers if she hasn't already.i lways found opera to be pretty light and quick.

  User-1229748 20:41 06 Dec 2009

also avg isn't the lightest these days,i always found avira to be the lightest of the freebies.in fact i've now gone back to avira myself.

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