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3gb gprs data transfer limit - Is it enough?

  some1else 01:21 02 Mar 2008

originally posted this in "mobile world" but figured it should really be in here.

please help me, i'm an absolute beginner.

i'm using my sony ericsson w810i as a modem on my desktop. my net connection is through o2webmax and has a monthly limit of 3gb data transfer.

is the monthly allowance gauged by the data sent or received during a session?

i've been online for 3 hours; ive sent 2,155,534 bytes and received 11,2241,164 bytes.

is 3gb per month enough? i'm usually just surfing and/or using msn messenger.

  some1else 02:34 02 Mar 2008

think i may've worked it out.

using a bits/bytes conversion calculator i've found that in a 30-day month, i'd be able to use 107,373,333 bytes (about 102mb) worth of data, per day.

i've now been online for just over 5 hours and i've sent 4,324,220 bytes and received 27,704,098 bytes. way less than what i've worked out to be the daily limit. but i could be completely wrong, lol.

like i say, i'm a beginner so, please keep me right.

  iscanut 09:35 02 Mar 2008

I am no expert re these sort of stats, but I have had a cap of 2Gb a month for 3 years or so and have never exceeded it. I browse for up to a couple of hours a day, send and receive a lot of emails, download a few music files a week, update various programs and files by download, which are often 30Mb to 40Mb large so am reasonably active online. Unless you are downloading or streaming large video files, your 3Gb limit should be more than adequate. I am sure someone more technicla than me will concur.

  some1else 10:13 02 Mar 2008

I'm sure you're right. Just installed NetMeter, recommended by a fellow poster on this site, to keep tabs on my data transfer. He/She also said that they didn't breach their monthly limit either. I don't think I'll be streaming much; doesn't seem to be working, anyway. That said, I do use messenger alot. Anyone know what kind of bandwidth that uses? Cheers, Nuts.

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