3GB DDR Memory with a Dual Channel Mboard

  Fried~Chips 10:37 29 Sep 2008

Looking to build a new machine butg stay with XP Home 32b. I know from older postings that 4GB will not utlilize or be seen in XP Home 32bit and the max is only 3GB - 3.5GB

Ok, I ask myself. How do I build and benifit from 3GB memory if the motherboard uses Dual Channel memory array. I understand dual chanel as it says is x2 matching sized dimms to make a pair to make the dual channel match.

So back to my question 3 GB of memory in a dual channel motherboard. Ermm. They do not make 1.5GB Dimms How is it done. I see other systems of the page on the web etc showing 3GB so their is a way but HOW ?

Thanks if you can call in and help.

  rdave13 10:56 29 Sep 2008

Found this; click here .

  I am Spartacus 11:02 29 Sep 2008

I would buy a matched 4GB kit (2 x 2GB). With the relatively low price of RAM you wouldn't be spending that much extra than with a 3GB 'mixed' kit.

Bear in mind with the release if the Core i7 then triple channel memory is being introduced and it's likely that RAM manufacturers will probably supply 3 GB matched kits (but only DDR3 RAM).

  Fried~Chips 21:50 29 Sep 2008

Interesting imput, have to think about the options. Ok say I want to build myself a new intel Duo or Quad core machiine but not where CPUJ would cost £150+ to keep the price down. What would be a fair balance to get the best punch. Difficuly thinking about it as its a knock on effect with CPU - Motherboard - Memory & PCI Express graphics. Want to avoid vista keep with xp home 32b.

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