Is a 3g Mobile dongle alone insufficient to download windows and other updates.

  alickburt 14:01 16 Nov 2014

Hi On Friday I spent four hours with a technician sorting out my laptop.He claimed the problem I had was due to the fact that I use my Dongle as my only internet connection.This was causing updates to be incorrectly or just partially downloaded and as my laptop was trying to rectify this it was all clogged up.certain things wouldn't work like my printer and other software kept giving driver installation errors and usbs wouldnt work for memory sticks or my new smartphone. He said once he had rectified it (which he has) I should not set windows automatic updates and should only do so when I am connected to a better internet connnection such as free wifi hotspot or on a friends telephone line broadband. My BIG question is is he right and am I doomed to having to slavishly pay for a landline at home or rely on friends and free hotspots whenever I need updates or should my Dongle really be sufficient say if I did my updates at night in order to give them time to download?? I am on the 3G 5GB package for £15.99 per month from three and it normally seems fine for all my needs to the point that I didn't notice there was a problem until I was unable to use my printer one day and then as over time I acquired memory sticks and my new smartphone and an external hard drive all with the same problems I began to realize there was something wrong. Can anyone offer me some clarity on the issue?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:56 16 Nov 2014

Because MS tends to send out its updates all at once (Tuesdays monthly) It will really cause a big problem with your limited connection.

If the updates were spread out the 3 dongle would be sufficient. Therefore you could possibl get away with:-

"Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"

that way you can download and install them over a period of time thus spreading the load.

  alanrwood 18:42 16 Nov 2014

The advice is good as the MS updates tend to be in the 100s of MBs so a normal connection is better and much cheaper. Having said that if all you have is a mobile connection then there is no choice. I have this situation with my computer at my holiday static caravan and have to do it on the mobile dongle. It works fine and on 3G it does not take too long however it eats well into the data allowance.

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