3g dongle and ics sharing on xp pcs

  vincent1 16:52 11 Jan 2010

hi i have a relative who has a 3g dongle they have two desk top pcs in the childrens bedrooms can i use internet connection sharing using the wired version way? will this work with a dongle connection? as they dont realy want to buy another dongel cheers vince

  mgmcc 20:29 11 Jan 2010

In theory there is no reason why ICS cannot be used with a 3G dongle in the same way as any other internet connection.

The problem is likely to be that the connection is simply not fast enough to support more than one computer being online, but try it and see.

  interzone55 20:36 11 Jan 2010

3G connections tend to have fairly low download limits, something you may wish to consider before letting the kids loose...

  vincent1 09:15 12 Jan 2010

many thanks for your answers one last question do i need a straight through network lead or a crossover lead cheers

  interzone55 09:20 12 Jan 2010

To connect two computers without using a switch you'll need a cross-over lead...

  vincent1 19:54 21 Jan 2010

i have been to try to sort the ics out today i still need help!! the main pc which has the 3 g usb dongle in has two connections in the networks connections top one is defently the 3 g modem the one underneath is saying lan so which one do i set the ics up in? can anyone help me with a set up guide? when i tried this earlier the start up screen also changed and was asking me for passwords which i did not have!! (client for microsoft networks) or something simular any help appreciated cheers

  mgmcc 22:32 21 Jan 2010

It is the actual *Internet Connection* on which you set up ICS which, in your case, is the 3G dongle.

When you do this (by ticking the box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection"), Windows will configure your Local Area Connection with the IP address and Subnet Mask - as this network adapter is not connecting to the internet (the 3G is), it has no Default Gateway or DNS Server addresses.

The Local Area Connection in the "Client" computer(s) should be configured to obtain addresses automatically, which it does by DHCP from the "Host" computer.

It does work because I tried it with a 3G connection. :)

I don't know what the password issue is. I've set up ICS many times and never had anything relating to passwords crop up. ????

  vincent1 07:51 27 Jan 2010

i know what to set up now thanks when do i connect the network cable? before i do all of the settings or after? do i restart each pc after configuring the settings cheers

  mgmcc 08:16 27 Jan 2010

The sequence isn't particularly important. I would make the cable connections first, boot the "Host" PC, connect to the 3G network and then enable ICS on the "3G Connection". Check that the 3G connection is shown as "shared" and that Windows has configured the Local Area Connection with the IP address Subnet Mask, with no Default Gateway or DNS Server addresses.

Then boot the "Client" PC, whose Local Area Connection should get its addresses by DHCP from the Host. It will have a 192.168.0.x address, where 'x' is between 2 and 254.

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