3g dongle

  civicr 22:13 28 Feb 2011

Hi all ,
My brother in law has a work shop with no internet connection and wants to know if one 3g dongle can be used using two pcs . Is it possible to network these together , he occasionally needs to see emails with drawings on . I have been looking at tp links tlmr3220 3g routers and wondered if it would share the dongle and run a lan cable to the second pc.
Thanks ,

  mgmcc 08:47 01 Mar 2011

I have one of these "wireless routers" on the "3" network. click here It can connect to one computer by USB to provide a Local Area Connection (effectively an ethernet connection) and to several computers "wirelessly".

It is also available on contract from "3" click here but obviously you need to make sure that a good signal on the network is available in the workshop.

  mgmcc 08:51 01 Mar 2011

The alternative would be to connect the main computer via a USB 'dongle' and use Windows' built-in "Internet Connection Sharing" to provide internet access to a second computer connected by ethernet cable to the main one.

  raziel08 20:05 01 Mar 2011

I use a single "3" dongle to provide an connection to multiple machines; this is fine for small downloads and web browsing but any heavy downloads such as the 68MB of Linux updates last week) is totally out of the question.

To download said updates took about 3.5 hours (i get roughly 16KB/s speed maximum.

If your relative is going to be downloading emails with large images to a computer not attached directly to the dongle it is going to be very slow.

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