3G datacard/mobile phone modem - decision!

  isie1980 16:53 04 Apr 2006

Please could someone help advise me?

I am looking to upgrade my mobile phone and also require wireless internet access from my laptop. I have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability.

I have no landline phone and have discovered that I can connect to the internet via a 3G datacard or by using a mobile phone with 3G/GPRS capability as a modem.

That's about all I know about it so far!

I currently spend £30 on my mobile per month for 200 cross network minutes and 500 texts. I rarely go beyond this. The cost per MB data on this tariff is £3. Compared with the Vodaphone 3G datacard which is approx £30 for 250MB data this seems a bad deal. Many sites are offering the Vodaphone datacard free of charge too.

Does anyone know of any good combined talk/text/data tariffs and what the comparative speeds are of using a mobile as a modem or using the 3G datacard?

I envisage a maximum of 2 hours web surfing a day by this means.

Any help very gratefully received.

  ade.h 17:02 04 Apr 2006

I have one of the Vodafone cards, though as I only have to use it ocasionally, I have stayed on a PAYG tariff. I can't compare it to the data rate with a mobile phone (no longer bother with one) but it gets up to 384Kbits in 3G areas, which is reasonably usable.

  isie1980 08:37 05 Apr 2006

Thanks ade.h

I'm just wondering how much 1MB of data is when browsing the web. I guess this depends on individual webpages?
Is there a way I can check the data transfered through my work setup, I am online for 30 mins during my lunchbreak and wondered if it is possible to check a typical amount of data transferred in this time?

I'm thinking that a PAYG tariff may be appropriate for me.

  ruskle 20:38 05 Apr 2006

I have a Vodafone data card which came free with my Toshiba Centrino laptop and had £20 credit on it. After that it is £2 a Mb and the software provided has a usage meter built in. I think it is a very expensive way to go if you use it as a sole method of accessing the Internet.

I only use mine as and when it is the only way, ie when in hotels without Wi Fi of phone line.


  isie1980 09:05 06 Apr 2006

The Vodafone datacard tariff I have found works out at just under £30 a month for 250MB data transfer (card is free). Beyond this it's £1/MB. I have also been looking at click here and figure by paying £24 a year for their compression data I could certainly stay within my 250MB limit. (I have internet access elsewhere just no landline to connect at home).
I couldn't actually find any PAYG tariffs for the Vodafone card.
Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your responses.

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