3DMARKS06 score gone down :(

  adamg64 12:37 24 Jul 2008

Ive been putting together a new system for the pass month a small upgrade ended up being a full new system.

i put together :-

MSI P7N SLI Platinum nForce 750i SLI
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Arctic Cooling AC-FRZ-7P Freezer 7 Pro
4x1GB pc6400 ocz ram
9800GX2 1gb mem
hiper 880w type r psu
antec p180
auzentech prelude 7.1

basicly because im abit of an impatient ass, i decide to put it together early at this point i was still waiting for my psu and vista home premium to be delivered but it was gona be another week.

anyway i setup up with my old hiper 580w type r psu and xp home edition i really wanted to see what my new gfx card could do tbh.

it went to together perfect no probs did all updates set everything, so i did a 3dmarks test i got 13633 which aint too shabby so the only way is up once i get vista and new psu or so i thought....

i got my new psu tuesday installed it, did the cabling finally closed it up for another few years put vista on did no probs with that i updated it sp1 dl directx got all updated drivers nvidia 175.19 its ready running smoothly.

it was time for the 3dmarks test again i was expected 14-15000 marks tbh maybe more? what i actually got was 11416

now to my point anybody actually have any ideas what that could be? its 3000marks less i was expecting with the extra power 300watts more a proper pci-e 8pin connector in my gfx card and all this hardware was built for vista would boost it up to 3000 more marks not less :/

any help i would be very grateful.

  MAT ALAN 12:47 24 Jul 2008

WHY benchmark a PC cannot see the point unless you in some sort of build competition..

Build it to do what you want and ENJOY it, instead of farting around to see how high up a chart it comes...

sorry if this seems harsh but you can get a bit lost in this benchmark business, what may seem satisfactory to you may be a bag of bolts to others...

  I am Spartacus 12:51 24 Jul 2008

I get lower scores in 3DMark running Vista than I do in XP Pro but not such a big difference as you've seen.

Check your drivers. 3DMark is a good way of making sure they're installed correctly.

  I am Spartacus 13:10 24 Jul 2008

See click here Suggestion was to try:

1. Download 175.12 from nvidia.com under beta and archived driver section.
2. Uninstall nvidia display driver via control panel.
3. Restart computer into safe mode
4. Use driver sweeper and driver cleaner pro on nvidia display drivers
5. Install 175.12 while still in safe mode
6. Restart Windows into normal mode.
7. Run 3dmark06 and hopefully see great results!

  adamg64 13:38 24 Jul 2008

thanks I am Spartacus sounds like im not the only one and it could solve my problem i will try it straight away when i get in from work.

will report back!

  T0SH 14:45 24 Jul 2008

It is a known fact that on the same hardware XP runs faster than Vista,as it would seem your benchmark test has confirmed

Cheers HC

  adamg64 16:20 24 Jul 2008

when i was reviewing the screenies i took from both test i performed it has a cpu section all of its own and whats alarming is that my cpu on xp rig got 3700 after running it on vista cpu went down to 3200.

i have been reading around nvidia forum and alot of peeps have had probs with the latest drivers 175.19 and theres a few things im gonna try when im home, but could bad gfx drivers really cause my cpu to underperform too?

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