Blitzer 23:52 17 Nov 2005

Perhaps a silly question, but what would be regarded as a good score. Or within what range would be regarded as a good score?

Initially I had a score of 4419, but after overclocking the processor and GFX card I managed to push this upto 5040, which seemed like a reasonable gain - what do we think?

  Stuartli 00:01 18 Nov 2005

If you read the notes regarding 3DMark2005 previous versions' scores are not compatible with the latest version.

You need to build up a benchmark and compare it to others on the madonion website.

  Blitzer 00:03 18 Nov 2005

Oops, meant to add a little info about the machine too...

Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard.
Amd XP2500+ processor overclocked to XP3000+
Asus AX800PRO/TVD GFX, also over clocked from 475/450 GPU/Mem to 528/520 (I think).

1 Gig of Cosair memory - not over clocked.

  Blitzer 00:06 18 Nov 2005


Kinda guessed as much going by previous incarnations of the software. Just wondered how the score faired in itself. I done the compare thing via the 3dmark website and my machine seemed to compare with other machines of a simlar spec basically.

  Stuartli 08:55 18 Nov 2005

You're lucky...:-)

My system gets about a third of the way through 3DMark2005 and then crashes spectacularly.

It's just not up to it unfortunately, but the bomber planes demo is terrific.

  Graham ® 09:13 18 Nov 2005

Link click here

  Graham ® 09:16 18 Nov 2005

Be aware, it's 283MB!

  gudgulf 11:16 18 Nov 2005

Your scores are good and about right for your setup.

I have a 3.2GHz P4 S478 Prescott overclocked to 3.55GHz with 2GB DDR400 Corsair XMS memory @ 222FSB and an X800pro VIVO BIOS modded to X800XT spec(16 pixel pipelines 500/500 core/memory).

With the latest Catalyst 5.11 drivers and 3DMark05 I get a score of 5900.

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