3dfx Voodoo 3/OpenGL/Glide to work with Win XP

  DougieR 14:18 02 Apr 2005

I have upgraded from win 98ME to XP Proffessional. I have a 3dfx Voodoo 3 card which works only with the updated Microsoft 3dfx driver. It is very slow in games such as Diablo 11. The openGL / Glide drivers no longer seem to be available to me. Can anyone suggest a location for drivers which will return my card to its former glory. There seem to be many possibilities available but as this is an old card many of the site links are broken. Plesae name the best drivers to use and a little help with deployment on my machine would help. Incidently I am running an old AMD 500 k2, but it just about copes with whatI need to do.
Thanks Doug

  Dan the Doctus 14:40 02 Apr 2005

click here any good?

Also, how much RAM do you have? It looks like XP will struggle on your system.

  bluesbrother 14:41 02 Apr 2005

No mention of XP here, but it might help click here and click here

  Djohn 14:52 02 Apr 2005

Good luck with your search. I too had the same excellent card and on updating to XP found the same issues as yourself, never did find a decent driver to work with XP that would give me all the facilities I used to enjoy when using it with 98se.

I upgraded to a new card, the difference in quality and control offered was well worth the expense. Not being into games in a big way, I kept the price to a reasonable £60.00, it was well worth it though.

  gudgulf 15:31 02 Apr 2005

Have a look at click here

The problem is that xp itself does not properly support open gl so you need a graphics card with hardware open gl support and drivers with full open gl support as well.With a card as old as yours you may be struggling......but persevere and search the web.You never know you might get lucky.

Also have to agree with Dan the Doctus in that your pc will be pushing it a bit to cope with xp alone so might well grind to a complete halt when you add a game into the equation.

  DougieR 15:46 02 Apr 2005

From DougieR. I have just downloaded a driver VSA/seup.exe. it appears to work although I am not yet convinced1 It does dive access to glide drivers in Diablo 11. Anyone any idea s about the Amigamerlin voodoo 3/4/5 v.2 driver it seems to have a number of recommendatios.
I have 384mb pc133 ram and I made a slight typing error my amd is a K6
many thanks to all for words of advice

  Dan the Doctus 15:51 02 Apr 2005

On bluesbrother's second link click on 3dfx (3rd Party) and try the Voodoo 3 Driver Kit for Win XP Open GL Support 1.08.00. This was updated as recently as 12/11/04 and looks like your best bet.

  DougieR 16:03 02 Apr 2005

I have tried the second link with Bluesbrothers and the driver does look right, however if you follow the links you end up at a dodgy looking pay site and no mention of the driver. I will keep looking thanks to all DougieR

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