3D Studio Max 5.1 Trial

  ionsurge 14:03 06 Jun 2003

I know this is a wierd suggestion, and well I am stumped. I am looking for 3D Studio Max 5.1 Trial (not the full software, I already have a license to that and do not need it).

I am trying a place to download the trial from, but well I am having a lot of difficulty in finding it. I would really appreciate it if anyone knew where to get the trial. I must stress that I DO NOT want an illegal warez version, that is out of the question. The only reason I need it is to be able to install it on a clients machine, for 1 single use, and I don't see the point of ordering a new license just for that.

Please do not tell me to "quietly" install the one licensed to me on to the clients machine, because that will not just happen - and people who have any sense of the law will know why.

Thanks all,


  Mysticnas 14:11 06 Jun 2003

i don't know where you can get it on the net, but i Compter Arts did one with a cover CD containing 3Dmax 5 with a largish tutorial in the mag too.

you can prob call up and get the back issue:

December 2002 issue. 01225 732 361

oh and 5.1 is not on trial, it is merely a patch for 5.0.


  ionsurge 14:19 06 Jun 2003

I'll try that, thank you Nas.

  -pops- 14:20 06 Jun 2003

If you go to their web page click here look on the left hand side to "order demo". You can get a 30 day C trial CD.


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