3D Peformance with 9800 Pro, need advice

  BlitZace 09:52 29 May 2003

I recently purchased a new system with an AMD Athlon 3000 Processor, ASUS A7N8X Motherboard, 1024MB PC2700 RAM, and a Connect 3D Radeon 9800 Pro. What I was wondering is, whether I should actually use the AGP Fast Write feature as I currently have it turned off. In 3DMark 2001 I recieve a score of around 15,850. I'm not too sure whether this is actually a good score or not? By turning AGP Fast Write on would I recieve an increase in speed with 3D Graphics? It's currently disabled on the m/b and turned off in Display Properties. Any info would be most welcome.

Also one other thing. By upgrading the CPU to an AMD Athlon 3200 and using 2x512MB Sticks of click here what kind of speed increase would I recieve? Cheers - JT

  AndySD 10:10 29 May 2003

15,850 is a ggod score and about right for your specs. You may be able to increase it a little by making sure your Motherboard and graphics card drivers are up to date and by disabling some of the processes in the background. click here

  BlitZace 10:24 29 May 2003

Nice link there :) Thanks!

What do you think about upgrading? Is it a good idea? Or should I just be happy with what I have? - JT

BTW... anymore advice is always welcome.

  AndySD 10:40 29 May 2003

Ooops forgot about Fast Write.... enable it in the bios/setup.

As to the upgrade I dont think its worth it as yet the speed increase will be minimal unless you overclock...but thats a different subject.

I would wait a few months.

  BlitZace 11:38 29 May 2003

What does AGP Fast Write actually do? As when I disabled it on my friends system with a Radeon 9700 Pro it actually increased his performance. He went from 11,000 3DMarks to 14,100 3DMarks using 3DMark 2001 SE. Games like UT2003 seemed much faster too. - JT

  AndySD 11:46 29 May 2003

AGP Fast Write Transaction
This allows data to be sent directly from the corelogic (i.e. chipset) to the AGP master (graphics chip) instead of keeping a copy in system memory and making the AGP master fetch it. In other words, it creates a short cut between the AGP chipset and graphics memory, and leaves system memory out of the loop. Enabled is best for performance if the graphics card supports this option.

Try it and see.

  BlitZace 11:51 29 May 2003

Cool will do :) I'll give it a whirl once I get home. - JT

  The Sack 13:30 29 May 2003

For comparison this is what my GF4 Ti-4200 gets with fast writes and side band addressing on.

click here

Not 9700 pro scores but better than a kick in the teeth.

  BlitZace 14:41 29 May 2003

14201 3D marks... considering the difference between your system and mine, that score is extremely respectable. I therefore wonder whether my score of 15,850 is actually right for my system spec at all. I have the latest Nvidia NForce2 drivers, the latest ASUS m/b drivers, 3.4 Catalyst drivers. AGP set to 8x. Fast Write disabled. DirectX 9. AGP Aperture set to 128MB. Are there any settings on the m/b that perhaps need to be changed? The m/b is an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. When I flashed the BIOS it was reset to defaults, so maybe I have forgot to change something somewhere.

Any tips or info would be great! - JT

  AndySD 15:02 29 May 2003

Go Start then Run type in


and in the startup tab untick any not required from the list click here

  The Sack 15:14 29 May 2003

Your score is right, my FSB was 418MHz and along with a modest 100MHz overclock gave the CPU a PR rating higher than 3100+, the RAM was in sync with the CPU as this is when nForce 2 boards are at there best, the video card was running at 311MHz/626MHz, I was running DX8.1 and AGPX8 is neither here nor there. My PC was maxed out on stock voltages hence the high score, it will go faster by pumping up the volts but I like it and don’t want to kill it, I reckon you could just about crack 20K with your set up.

Also 1GB of RAM offers no speed increase over 512MB unless you actually use it, which unless you edit massive DPI photos you probably won’t. And the difference between an XP3000 and an XP3200 is wholly negligible as the new speed rating came from the move to a FSB of 400MHz, something your current CPU can probably do anyway, my 26 quid a stick TwinMOS PC2700 RAM runs day and night at 400MHz with fairly relaxed timings and is quite happy at 420MHz with the timings as relaxed as they go. Don’t get hooked up on low latency etc, at the speeds we are talking about only a benchmark can tell the difference.

For BIOS tweaks click here

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