3D Mark program rattles my floppy!

  graham√ 14:52 10 May 2003

When running the above benchmark program, the floppy drive light comes on regularly and the drive whirrs as though looking for a disc. Is this normal, would it be better to disable the drive, as I don't use it?

  Forum Editor 14:55 10 May 2003

FE's third law of computing states that the day after you do this your operating system will fail to load and you'll need to start the machine with a Windows startup disk.

  Murray 15:03 10 May 2003

you could always disable it in the BIOS, then re-enable it if necesary. I always keep a bootable CD to hand just in case, they last much longer than a boot floppy anyway.

  Djohn 15:15 10 May 2003

When you downloaded the 3d sys. test, "Mad Onion", did you by any chance save the zipped file to floppy and install from there?

If so, then when you run the test it will be looking to the a drive for the program. You will need to dis-associate the "a" drive from the program.

This is where I come unstuck myself! I have done it a couple of times but have forgot the procedure. :o( Someone will know the answer though. J.

  powerless 15:18 10 May 2003

40MB file a floppy Djohn?

  Djohn 15:22 10 May 2003

Sorry, brain not in gear yet! now I know why all my 100 meg. files won't come back off the floppy.


  graham√ 15:27 10 May 2003

Djohn said zipped file, Powerless. No, I saved it to desktop. My start-up is on CD, so I've disabled the floppy in Device Manager. Good thoughts, everyone. Still a mystery, it rattles about at odd times, as well as with 3D, it gets checked more than once at start up.

  Djohn 15:43 10 May 2003

Have you installed any programs/files at all from the "a" drive recently?

I remember that at one time I opened a file from my floppy drive and printed off a letter from same, then saved the printed letter to, *My documents*.

Each time I opened the file from *My documents* just to have a look, the "a" drive would always be searched first before going to "C" drive to retrieve and display on screen.

I was informed from the forum that I needed to remove the association of the file from "a" drive. Once I did this everything was fine. Just can't remember how I did it. J.

  crx1600 15:50 10 May 2003

it might be, taskbar and start menu/advanced/clear.

thats if you hear the drive when accessing programs/documents thru start menu.(winME)

  powerless 15:50 10 May 2003

A 40MB file zipped or not would not fit on a floppy.

  graham√ 16:04 10 May 2003

I bow to your superior knowledge and apologise for any inferred disrespect. ;-)

crx1600, I'll have a look in there.

Djohn, I think I might have done with some photos ages ago, sounds a promising line of enquiry.

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