3D mark 2001SE Poor scores on a high spec PC ?

  Tinkey Winkey 10:12 27 Dec 2004

I've built a high-ish spec PC with all new components and it works fast enough execpt in games which was partly the reason for this build !

3D mark 2001SE scores 5800-ish

From a review I read of a very similar spec PC I think I should be getting more like 13000

Can anyone confirm this please ?

Doom 3 will play ok on the lowest screen resolution with all the settings and effects turned off - but I should be able to play this at higher resolutions!

Halo will not play smoothly at modest reolutions either ( 1024 x 768 ).

I have the latest ATI Catalyst drivers , Direct X 9.0c ,Microsofts NET Framework 1.1 latest Bios etc.

AMD 64 3000 2.0 ghz
Radeon 9800SE AIW 128mb
1024MB DDR 3200 Crucial Ram
Samsung 160GB SATA 8mb Cache
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
480watt Antec True PSU
Antec P160 with twin 120mm cooling

Any ideas as to what's going wrong ?

  ACOLYTE 10:46 27 Dec 2004

If you wont to test your pc i would go for 3D Mark 2003 witch is Directx9 compatable,but dont be suprised if you get a lower score than you just did there are a lot of tests that you need a good pc and card to run.Then you might be able to see where its lacking in the features part.

  bremner 10:48 27 Dec 2004

There is something amiss as you say.

I have the same mobo, CPU and memory but with an ATI 9500 Pro and can get 12000 on the 3D 2001SE.

Have you checked the BIOS to ensure that the FSB and memory settings are correct and that all is running at 200MHz

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