3Com Wireless router WRP Needed

  Border View 14:19 05 Dec 2007

I have a 3com Office Connect ADSL Wireless 54Mbps 11g Firewall Router No. 3CRWDR101A-75 Running with WEP security, MAC address control.

I've read a PCA article that says that WEP is next to useless and I should use WRP. Problem is when I click on the link from my router to download WRP I geet the message that what I am trying to download is only for Windows XP with SP1.

I run with Windows XP Home SP2.

Where can I get the right download?

What do I do when its downloaded.

Your help and advice would be appreciated.


  ambra4 14:54 05 Dec 2007

Trade in WEP for WPA - today is this what you talking about

3com Office Connect ADSL routers all ready has WPA security build in so there is no need to upgrade your Wi-Fi to WPA just change the type of security in the router and set up a new security code

On the laptop delete the prolile and reconnect to the SSID and add the the new security code when requested

As far as I know there is no such thing as WRP security on a wireless system

  Border View 15:02 05 Dec 2007

Looks like I got my letters mixed up - sorry about that.

Will go and have another look at the router settings.

Many thanks for responding.

  Border View 15:10 05 Dec 2007

Had another look and my 3com only has wep. There is a link to Microsoft for XP users to download WPA but when I do that the link is to XP Home SP1.

So I'm back to square one with my questions as above for a download for WPA.

Wonder if Woodchip is kicking about?

  ambra4 15:30 05 Dec 2007

Suggest you check again as spec listed

·Wireless Mode : g and b, g only or b only
·Wireless Access Point Security
- 128-bit WPA-PSK
- 128-bit WEP
- Open System and Shared Key
Access Control
- MAC Address Control

Which is the same router that I am using

  Border View 15:45 05 Dec 2007

Hi ambra4

Went into Encryption and it reads

64bit WEP
128 bit WEP
WPA-PSK (no server)
WPA (with Radius Server)

Under Help for WPA it reads

WPA options

Cypher Suite: Only TKIP is supported.
Authentication Types:
WPA (with RADIUS Server):Requires a Radius server using 802.1x authentication.
WPA is an advanced option that uses a Radius Server running on the LAN network to provide authentication to the wireless clients.
Pre-shared Key:Uses a pre-shared key to do authentication. No Radius server is required. The pre-shared key can be specified in pass-phrase style or in 64 Hex characters.
Wireless Protected Access with a Pre-Shared Key: The key is a password, in the form of a word, phrase or series of letters and numbers. The key must be between 8 and 63 characters long and can include spaces and symbols. Each client that connects to the network must use the same key (Pre-Shared Key).
For Windows XP users, you can download and install a WPA update from the Microsoft site.

Sorry if I am a bit slow on this one.

Do I try and use the WPA-PSK (no server) If I do why is it suggesting I install a WPA update from the Microsoft site?

  Border View 16:01 05 Dec 2007

OK - looked at this one again. Forget the download.

I am a stand alone home user computer with this wireless router. So is it WPA-PSK (no server) I use. Or is my ISP considered a server? What is a Radious Server?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  woodchip 16:22 05 Dec 2007

I have a 3Com a bit older may be model before yours But it works on all Windows. Go into setup Page then Wireless settings you change and setup WPA/TKIP in there. Then make a note of SSID and you Encrypt key Put these into the Wireless computer Network Settings for it to work. You should First Save settings in your router for each change you make, after that turn the Router off for half hour, Turn it back on and you should be able to connect.

PS the Router in mine is connected by Ethernet to 98se computer my other two are XP computers that are wireless

  ambra4 16:24 05 Dec 2007

Yes you use WPA-PSK (no server)to set up the WPA security

  woodchip 16:24 05 Dec 2007

I did not mess with any Mac I used default settings in the router, so you may need to setup your computers to DNS automatic then just do the above.

It should also be set to PPPoA not PPPoE in this country

  ambra4 16:26 05 Dec 2007

What is a Radious Server?

Check here

click here

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