3com wireless router

  swallow 23:57 12 Nov 2005

Thankyou to all that replied to mine of 5.11.05. I duly bought an ethernet card and fitted it to my pc running windows 98. All connections seem ok and the lights on the router are all there but I cannot get contact with the outside world !! Nothing appears on my pc and I cannot understand the connection methods section of the installation guide. I am at present using a bt voyager 205 which works ok. Can anyone help this novice to get connected ? I would much appreciate any help... thankyou.

  woodchip 00:05 13 Nov 2005

Yes I have the 3COM Office Connect Modem Router.

Open IE in the address Bar type http: //

I have put a Space before the // so PCA site does not change it to a Click Hear you need to coppy the above address into the IE web page then close the space before // then press enter this should get you into the setup page type the log in name that is besides the box. you can change this after if you want to. When you get in you just follow the instructions by page starting from top, check help if you need it button. Run the setup page to fill in you ISP and password etc.

  daba 00:09 13 Nov 2005

I have exactly this set-up (although a diferent make of router). Make sure your Internet Connections settings are as follows:-

In Control Panel, Internet options, click the 'Connections' tab.

In the 'Dial-Up and Virtual Private Network Settings', click on "Never Dial a Connection", then your Internet connection will look for a connection via ethernet, i.e. your router.

Is you router configured OK and you have the 'ADSL' light on indicating connection to your ISP ?

If not, have you connected with the router via ethernet ( open IE and browse to click here ) and have you configured the router to connect to the ISP

Come back with more info....

  daba 00:10 13 Nov 2005

you must type quicker than me woodchip

  woodchip 00:14 13 Nov 2005

Well I cannot spell so I also have to check it in WordPerfect for errors

  woodchip 00:14 13 Nov 2005

Only onw finger typing

  woodchip 00:16 13 Nov 2005

that's my problem I hit W for E got glasses and a old fellow 69 years

  daba 00:33 13 Nov 2005

perhaps the swallow has flown, woodchip.

anyway i'm a 2-finger typist (slight boast, but rad on), one types the text, the other, (on the right-hand), is permanently poised over the backspace key to correct the mistakes of his brother. Thats why my right-hand is always tired....

hw abt ths thn, pprntly thrs n nd fr vwls nymr - thy rckn txt dsnt nd thm - mst ppl cn rd ths lmst s qck s nrml txt wth oooodles of aaaa's eeee's etc...

  Chegs ® 04:16 13 Nov 2005

how about this then,apparently there's no need for vowels anymore-they reckon text doesn't need them-most people can read this almost as quick as normal text with oooodles of aaaa's eeee's etc...

Now I know where the SMS text messages came about. :-)

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