3Com wireless problems...

  la_flaca 20:43 02 Jun 2006

Hi there,
my techy friend installed my network for me as I had my router and modem for months and I was unable to install it..
I can't understand anything on the instructions that came with the router to say the true.. I'm a programmer but useless with network stuff..

anyway, my wireless network was working fine until I got a virus and then had to re-install Windows XP...
my friend left me an address on my favourites with the address to the router: but I can't even access this.. any ideas??
yeah, I'm probably too stupid to have wireless..
I've tried reading some of the other threads but all sounds too complicated!!

please help!!! I miss to be able to use my laptop downstairs.. it was such a luxury!!
thanks so much!

  la_flaca 20:51 02 Jun 2006

just in case it helps, I have a BT voyager 105 modem and I'm using the internet in my pc through the router.. my friend installed this, I didn't.. I just want to check the settings of the router in my pc, to make the laptop read them...
any ideas?
sorry, you can tell I'm really stupid hey?

thanks in advance.

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