3COM 3CRWDR100A-72 router network to any ISP?

  rjtyrell 14:24 03 Apr 2006


I am just about to ditch AOL due the problems I am having setting up my wireless network and I am considering other ISP's to join.

I already have a 3com router - 3CRWDR100A-72 and I just want to known will this work on every ISP provider quite easially other than AOL. I phoned Bt and they said it might work it might not?

So was just wondering who the easiest ISP would be to join. thinking about Pipex?

  mgmcc 16:26 03 Apr 2006

A combined Router & ADSL Modem will normally work in conjunction with any conventional ISP - it is AOL which is unconventional and which doesn't conform to the industry standard protocols.

<<< I phoned Bt and they said it might work it might not? >>>

BT, of course, sell their own 'branded' hardware, some of which when supplied as part of an online package is "crippled" so that it cannot be used with other ISPs - it requires a BT Username.

  rjtyrell 17:05 03 Apr 2006

Thanks for that, I presume if I joined BT I would get a user name etc, when I joined so this shouldn't be a problem?

  ade.h 17:53 03 Apr 2006

You might not be too wise to choose BT, if that was what you may have been heading towards. Pick a cheaper, faster, preferably non-contract service from a more helpful and reliable ISP. Read the ADSL Guide site click here

  wobblymike 19:22 03 Apr 2006

an interesting experience i have just had with aol - does it help?

click here

  rjtyrell 10:04 04 Apr 2006

wobblymike, I have set the MTU to 1400 on my router, I don't think my router is the problem as I have four lights on it, Sync, online, Power and one over (at work now), the sync lights up, and the power one does and the other one does that regonises a DSL connection, it is just the online one, and connection is failing when trying to connect via the AOL sign on page.

  wobblymike 17:55 04 Apr 2006

OK may I suggest you consider the following

I see you are trying to connect via the aol sign on page, if you're connecting via a router and ethernet you dont need to do that you dont even need any of aols software. If you are totally happy that your router is configured properly and indicates connected in its configuration page, try connecting by setting your home page to something non aol like news.bbc.co.uk and then try and connect by opening Internet explorer.

  old china 01:24 10 Apr 2006

My router is the same model as yours, and my ISP is tiscali. I had similar problems as yours, see
click here
Have you tried replacing ethernet by wireless connection?

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