386enhanced mode

  blue 18:17 18 Feb 2003

could anyone please tell me what 386 enhanced mode is please?i am getting this message when i try to load windows me onto a new 60 gig maxtor hdd it has been fdisked and formated

  €dstow 18:29 18 Feb 2003

55,400 Google entries for this.


  blue 18:45 18 Feb 2003

hey cdstow i don`t really understand what 55,400 google means can you explain a bit more please

  €dstow 18:51 18 Feb 2003

Google is a search engine click here

If you put "386 enhanced mode" as the object for a search, it comes up with 55,400 references to that phrase. The most likely ones to answer you question will be at the top of the list.

Try downloading Google and have it permanently on you Internet Explorer page. You will be constantly using it.


  jolorna 18:52 18 Feb 2003

click here
to find out

  blue 19:16 18 Feb 2003

cdstow thanks for that at first i thoughtyou was taking the piss but thanks again i`ll try that

and thanks jolorna for your time

  €dstow 19:22 18 Feb 2003

It is rare for me to give anything other than a serious answer;-))


  blue 19:35 18 Feb 2003

well cdstow
i`ve just had a quick glance and i don`t think i like what i see why do i have to load "386" is there any other way i can load windows me

  Philip2 20:50 18 Feb 2003

You have two threads running asking the same question!!!!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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