360W PSU for P4 3.0Ghz Prescott

  blackstorm2k 21:50 22 May 2004


Just finished building the following system:

P4 3.0Ghz Prescott
Coolermaster Aero 4 HSF
XFX Geforce FX 5900 XT
Asus P4800-E deluxe motherboard
30GB Seagate Harddrive
56k Modem
floppy drive
2 x 80mm system fans

I turned it on and it worked fine for about 2 minutes before shutting off. It won't boot up at all. When I press the power switch nothing happens, but the m/board LED lights up and the system light comes on when there is power.

I've triple checked all connections, the processor is not too hot, there is nothing that's shorting either. Nothing is black or burnt.

However, when there is power, the PSU gives of a kinda funny smell - like a slight burning smell(it's definately coming from the PSU) The PSU is only a 360W chieftec one that came with my Chiftec dragon case.
Do you rekon I should get a better PSU (say a 550W antec) as I think it's this causing the problem? Could it have damaged any of the parts inside? Or do you rekon this problem is nothing to do with the PSU?

Some sound advice would be much appreciated!! Cheers ppl! ;)

  blackstorm2k 22:00 22 May 2004

Oh - got one 512MB 400mhz RAM chip in there too - forgot to mention!

  Mikè 22:51 22 May 2004

Most psu's give off a "warm smell" over the first week or two, that in itself doesn't mean your psu is faulty.

  gudgulf 23:07 22 May 2004

When you say it worked fine for a couple of minutes,what exactly do you mean?--Did it go through the bios post checks then crash or do you mean a couple of minutes after installing your os and booting up?

How do you know the processor is not too hot,for example?

  blackstorm2k 11:00 23 May 2004

I was just lloking around in the BIOS and was talking to my friend when it suddenly switched off - so I can't have been down to me changing something!
I checked the processor and it seems fine. It's got a heafty heatsink and fan on it, along with a coolermaster aero 4. This all came as a bundle from 'Novatech' so I know the HSF is enough to keep the processor cool.

I even took the HSF off to see if the processor was hot/burnt etc and everything seemed fine.

  PC Mad Boy. 11:38 23 May 2004

On a Pentium 4 you cannot tell if the core is damaged, just by looking, it has a heat shield block on it.I would say ity is the PSU, I hav exactly the same changed it wioth another and the PC works fine...Dead Capacitor or somethign was the verdict from RMA.

  blackstorm2k 15:52 23 May 2004

Well, I've just gone and bought a new 450W PSU and am now geting all the fans spinning (inc. PSU, HSF and system fans(x2). BUT the gfx card fan is not rotationg and when I push the power switch on the front of the PC nothing happens.
So all my fans and lights power up but nothing else!!!!!

  gudgulf 16:16 23 May 2004

You should at least get a beep or two out of the bios when you switch on.

Try removing the graphics card and see if that produces any beeps

Something has clearly failed--you choices are to return the parts to novatech for testing or to substitute each of the ram,cpu and graphics card in a known working pc.If these all work it is probably the motherboard that is faulty.

If the original power supply did fail then it is very likely that damage to other components has occured as a result.

  blackstorm2k 08:22 24 May 2004

Noticed a few black/brown marks on the 'ICH5R' chip (on the motherboard) last night. I tried a working gfx card last night and it didn't work. The motherboard looks to be the culprid, so I'm contacting Novatech to get a replacement.
Grrrrr after all that it seems to be faulty m/board >:(

I'll let you know how I get on!

  blackstorm2k 15:24 24 May 2004

Contacted Novatech, and I have to send the whole bundle back for a full refund. I have to say their customer service is pretty good.
But I don't think I'll order a replacement from them, I'll look somewhere else this time! I don't want any more faulty parts!

Special reserve are a retailer I frequently, even though their prices can be a little expensive and the range isn't great. Never had a faulty product from them though! (Touch wood!!!)

Who else is a good retailer of PC parts - anyone?

Thanks for your help ppl so far, it's been very useful :)

  ste_bla 15:51 24 May 2004

Surely seeing novatech isnt a manufactor then they have nothing to do with items failing and as they have shown they have good customer service so why not go back there you fool.

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