35mm slides to digital

  TCawth 23:08 09 Aug 2008

I have about 100 slides (35mm) that I would like to digitalize and need some advice on the cost effectiveness of buying a slide scanner or using an online/ main street scanning service. When the slides are converted I can not see that I would have any more use for a scanner but are any of the scanning services any good? Any advice?

  Woolwell 23:18 09 Aug 2008

I scanned my slides with a flatbed scanner with the capability of scanning slides too. There are several models available but mine is an Epson scanner.

  TCawth 23:36 09 Aug 2008

Thank Woolwell but my HP scanner don't do slides.

  Ditch999 23:41 09 Aug 2008

Get an Epson V100 photo scanner click here

  Quiet Life 00:11 10 Aug 2008

V100 has been replaced by the V200 which produces excellent results on tranparencies.I had about a 1000 so using a a firm was too expensive.

  Quiet Life 00:21 10 Aug 2008

For about only a 100 might be worth using click here

  eedcam 09:14 10 Aug 2008

Quiet lifes post is a good price but the satisfaction and contro lover doing your own is very rewarding notwithstanding the cost snd time difference.I use an epson with inbuilt filmscanner and the results have been well worth it .Even comparing my work (no Expert ) to the original boots did years ago found Boots had a habit of cropping a bit for no good reason

  jack 09:51 10 Aug 2008

and you have no further use for a slide scanner
Then a commercial source is the route.

Do you not have a friend with a similar scanner to do it for you?

Failing that Yellow envelope me -something may turn up

  TCawth 16:44 10 Aug 2008

Thanks everybody. The general opinion seems to be - buy a slide scanner. I also like the idea of having some control over the scanning process so i will look at a few reviews and go for one. I can always put it on Ebay when I'm done!

  Terry Brown 16:48 10 Aug 2008

Why not buy the scanner you require for the job, then sell it on Ebay to recover the bulk of your cost.

  jack 19:03 10 Aug 2008

There has been in the daily/week end press special offers of a dedicated slide scanner from time to time.
I picked these examples up on E-bay
click here
Asl if you have a digital camera-
Then Google[bless it] comes up with
click here
Good luck

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