dangerusone 15:48 24 Aug 2017

I have a Dell Aspiron One allinone which I bought without a hdd this turned out to be 3.5 my last allinone Lenovo had a 2.5 and I assumed all allineones had them to save on space. Can I buy a caddy for a 2.5 which would fit in the Dell, when I google or go on ebay I can't get the answer I need.

  beeuuem~2 16:27 24 Aug 2017

Try click here or click here will do what you want.


  dangerusone 20:21 24 Aug 2017

The caddys shown seem to be for desktops but I think I can adapt one for my use. I assumed All in Ones had 2.5 drives as I had a Lenovo which did.

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