3.5" floppy

  noel24 22:24 30 Jan 2003

the green light on 3.5" drive has recently started to stay on all the time. when i put in a disk to read. a message tells me - disk is full, needs formatted etc. i've tried remoning the drive and re-booting, disabling it in the Bios, all to no avail. even tried a new drive but i just got the same results!

  GYPSY 22:30 30 Jan 2003

Hi, noel24. It sounds like it has given up the ghost! Splash out on a new one , you can buy them online for about £7. Probably save time in the long run.

  howard60 22:35 30 Jan 2003

and check that none of the pins in the socket on the mobo are bent.

  DieSse 02:12 31 Jan 2003

Are you sure that when you tried a new drive, you put the cable on the correct way round. If you get it wrong, then the light will stay on all the time.

To do a very basic check, start your system up in DOS mode, and check whether the drive works - if it does, then you know the problem is something to do with Windows. If not, then it's almst certainly a hardware problem. the courses of action are very different, so it's vital to find out which first.

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