Pidder 18:45 24 Mar 2003

Don't they, whoever they are, realise they are driving potential customers away. not attracting them?

  mikef™ 18:51 24 Mar 2003

This was done to death last week.

  Scouse 18:53 24 Mar 2003

Search the threads to see the 3's getting the living daylights kicked out of them.


  €dstow 19:47 24 Mar 2003

3's? What 3's?

Use Opera, banish them forever click here


  ams4127 22:04 24 Mar 2003

I don't mind them too much as I realise that PCA has to rely on advertising revenue.

What did annoy me was that there was no prior notice that they might appear. When they first came up I nearly had a fit, thinking they were a virus of some sort. I shut everything down, did a full scan with Norton, reset all my IE security settings.....and then the penny dropped!

I was so angry I didn't trust myself to write to any of the threads which appeared.

Please PCA, if you pull this sort of stunt again, at least let us know first what to expect.

  professor 00:11 25 Mar 2003

god u lot r so uptight!! this is PCA! u think a virus is gonna get thourogh on here easily??


  Gandalph 00:21 25 Mar 2003

I've read with much interest the postings about the 333's that there have been put on this Forum. But must comment that for some reason I have never seen them on this site. I don't know why. All I use is AVG and I have no firewall. I am on this site every night without fail and have never seen them yet. There must be something on this machine I don't know about that is managing to keep them off. What, I don't know. I built this machine in 1984 and I know what is in it and on it.

  Forum Editor 00:22 25 Mar 2003


What stunt? It was advertising for goodness sake, not some devilish plot devised expressly to cause trouble, and we don't create the ads. You would almost have to have been a hermit if you hadn't noticed the huge poster campaign that preceded the onsite advertising.

We have previously apologised for the fact that the ad server was a tad over-enthusiastic for a while, but it was rectified, and it wasn't exactly the end of the world was it? It's not for us to pass judgements on whether or not a particular campaign is successful - that's a problem for the advertisers, and frankly I for one am glad that we have them. Without them we (and thousands of other useful sites) probably wouldn't be here.

It's the real world I'm afraid.

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