32Mb Onboard Vs 16Mb AGP card

  [DELETED] 12:53 15 Nov 2003

Hi all

This ones more a matter of opinon, so please, all opinons are welcome.

Basicly, i've just gone and got a new motherboard, 2600+ amd and 512ddr ram.

I used to Run a 16Mb VooDoo 3DFX AGP card. (stil have the drivers on file) But have removed it in favour of using my 32Mb OnBoard Graphic (which it borrows from the main 512 Ram). Only thing is, am i correct in thinking, that if i'm using the OnBoard, then the CPU is having to do the work that the graphics would have normaly have done?

The reason i ask, is that i have a 3D screen saver that requires a 16Mb graphics card. Now when i used it on my old set up (600Mhz Amd 320Mb-sd, and 16Mb Card) it would run perfectly. But since i put in my new parts, when i run the screen saver, its maxing out my CPU, and even then, it still stutters.

So should i put the 16Mb card back in, and take the work of the CPU? Or stick it out till i have the money for the 128/256 card i plan to get some time later next year? Because at the moment, the only games i play, require 2 to 8Mb Graphics wish, so the card can more than hack it, as it has done for the last 3 years.

thing is... this card is a 2X i belive, and the board is a x4/x8 Agp? Will it even work in the first places?

Thanks all.

  Giggle n' Bits 14:18 15 Nov 2003

It may be a tad smaller in MB, but it will not strain the CPU & it will not take a slice of your memory.

Onboard VGA is ok but you loose the valuble Memory. Let the Grpahics Card do the work, it will not use as much of the CPU this way.

  [DELETED] 14:49 15 Nov 2003

Yep! even though the Voodoo is only 16Mb and getting on a bit now, it's a good card. Besides having the 16Mb memory it has it's own processor running at 133Mhz, so it takes the load off your main CPU and is quite a powerful card. j.

  [DELETED] 15:01 15 Nov 2003

ok,.. cool... just the respones i was hoping for. like i say, i think its only 2 speed AGP, so will it be alright in a AGP slot designed for 4x and 8x?

This is the board i'm running now. click here

What do u think?

  hugh-265156 15:05 15 Nov 2003

with your system using either wont do you any favors if you like playing games.

its like putting a mini enging in a ferrari.

i would disagree with the above and say the onboard would be better between the two choices though.technology will be more up to date and the onboard chip is newer technology.

as above if you want games,buy a buget agp card for 50-60 quid

the rest of your system will thank you.

  hugh-265156 15:05 15 Nov 2003

enging = engine

  [DELETED] 15:15 15 Nov 2003

thing is... being a student, having just splashed out on the above, i am not 100% penny less :P . So a new AGP card is out of the question for a good few months. But the only two games i do run ran Perfectly on the 16Mb card, and not having any money, means i won't be buying any new games any time soon as it is.

just had a flict though my manual, which says qoute "AGP 4X transfers video data at 1066MB/s and is backward-compatible to AGP 1X video card. When set to [X1], the AGP interface only provides a peak data throughput of 266MB/s even if you are using an 4X AGP card. This motherboard also supports the AGP 8X interface. If you install an AGP 8X card, an [8X] option appears in the configuration options. Configuration options: [1x] [2x] [4x] [8x] " Unqoute.

Hmmm... promising...
What do u think? Should i risk it?

And the next question, how do i go from one to the other? And by that i mean, do i install the card, boot into the BIOS, and the set it to 2X and disable the onbaord in that order? Or is there a certain method?....

  [DELETED] 15:19 15 Nov 2003

Hi huggyg71, I know that the Voodoo is on the slow side compared to the cards we have now, but I used to have the Voodoo 3 3000 and when I first bought it just over 3 years ago it was one of the top cards available at the time. cost over £100.00

I was using it until 8 months back with no problems at all, although I was not playing the latest games through it. But for most games and all DVD movies up to that time it had no problem with running them. j.

  [DELETED] 15:21 15 Nov 2003

Snap.... Was/is fine with all my games and DVD's... and had/have never given me any grife.

  [DELETED] 15:28 15 Nov 2003

Not sure of the correct order to do it, but you will need to go into your BIOS and disable on-board graphics. Insert the Voodoo and reboot, windows will find and use the card with it's own drivers. You will then need to insert the CD to install the Voodoo drivers to get the best from it. If I remember correct, the driver is self installing from the CD, all you need to do is follow the insructions and re-boot.

  hugh-265156 15:31 15 Nov 2003

hi Djohn

not denying that boss :-)

its just i was thinking the performance hit on the cpu would be minimal with the games Dearersteak is playing at the moment as he/she has a decent cpu and 512ram.

if Dearersteak should want to play something a bit more taxing,the voodoo might struggle i think and as the onboard is part of the mobo should not give any compatibility problems/headaches with games/xp.

untill Dearersteak gets a new card anyway. :-)

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