320 HDD only shows 2.7 GB

  dangerusone 09:04 11 May 2017

I have an old 320GB HDD I've put in a caddy to use as an external backup for photo's music etc. I formatted it before starting and now for some reason it is only showing as 2.7 GB it had Windows 7 on before and worked OK has anyone any ideas what I could do to recover it's capacity?

  Archonar 10:49 11 May 2017

This can also happen to usb sticks when they have iso files installed on them. You need to use diskpart to remove the partitions, and then you can reformat the drive. Be very careful when selecting disks, always make sure that you are performing the steps on the correct disk or you can delete all data on your main drive.

  1. Plug the drive into the computer
  2. Open a command prompt, type "diskpart" and press enter
  3. When diskpart opens, type "list disk", press enter
  4. Find the disk that you are looking for (the hdd), it will have a disk number. You know its the right one as it lists the capacity of the disk
  5. Type "select disk X", replacing X with the disk number of the hdd, press enter
  6. Type "list partition", and press enter
  7. Type "select partition Y", starting with Y as the highest partition number shown after step 6, press enter
  8. Type "delete partition", press enter
  9. Repeat 7 and 8 for all partitions shown (you may need to type list partition each time to check the numbers) until all of the partitions have been deleted
  10. Once they have all been deleted, type "create partition primary" and press enter

You can now reformat the disk using the windows disk management tool and it should allow you to use the whole space

  dangerusone 09:28 12 May 2017

Thanks Archanor, thats brilliant. It worked exactly as you said. I was ready to dump it, your solution has saved me having to buy another. Once again many thanks.

  dangerusone 09:33 12 May 2017

Sorry Archanor, not knowing how these things work I tapped the "Green tick" and it changed to "not the answer". sorry. To anyone reading this Archanors answer solved my problem.

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