32-bits program on 64-bits PC.

  Naomi1 16:52 03 Dec 2009

I have a PC with Windows 7 HP 64-bits, on which most 32-bits programs install without problems in X:\Program Files(x86)\....
There is one program however that I certainly want to maintain on this new system, but that will not install at all on a 64-bits PC.
Is ther ea way to force it into "\PF(x86)\" or would a virtual system work? And how?

  Kevscar1 17:54 03 Dec 2009

Have you tried installing it as adminstrater.

  Naomi1 11:40 05 Dec 2009

I am the only user of that PC, and all actions are taken as administrator.
I tried the compatibility mode. That ends up with a list of all Windows versions, with/without service packs. But no division into 32bits and 64bits versions; so end of story there.

  Pine Man 12:56 05 Dec 2009

'I am the only user of that PC, and all actions are taken as administrator.'

That is not the same as right clicking on an application and selecting 'run as administrator'.

  Naomi1 14:07 05 Dec 2009

In User Accounts there is only one account; mine, mentioned as administrator.
The problem is 64-bits incompatibility.
The installation wizard of that prog ends with the message like: "64-bits system detected, this programm is developed for a 32-bits system". Then it doesn't go any further.

  bremner 14:10 05 Dec 2009

What is the 32 bit program you are trying to install on your 64 bit machine

  gardener 14:26 05 Dec 2009

You could use Windows Virtual PC. I've had to install a couple of old programs using this method. I find the Virtual PC a bit slow to load up but the programs work ok once it's up and running.

click here

  GaT7 14:52 05 Dec 2009

Please be aware, in order to use Windows Virtual PC, you need to be running either Win7 Pro or Ultimate editions. And your system (CPU in particular) needs to support hardware virtualisation, with this feature enabled in the BIOS.

You can run either SecurAble click here or Microsoft's own tool click here to find out whether it does or not. G

  Zeppelyn 21:50 05 Dec 2009

Windows Virtual PC does in fact run on Home Premium, you just cant use its XP mode although my own copy of XP works fine as do other oSes. It does need the virtualisation support tho. Virtual PC 2007 can also be used as an alternative.

  howard64 09:16 06 Dec 2009

have you tried the compatibility wizard and selected 32 bit xp prog?

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