32 Bit software on 64bit pc

  Davith 16:14 15 Feb 2011

My laptop running XP is 5 years old and I am considering replacing it with a new one. Looking around most of the laptops with W7 installed appear to be 64 bit operating system. Will the fairly large collection of 32 bit software that I have, run on the 64 bit laptop?
Do not relish the outlay of replacing it all!

  Im a diddy 16:18 15 Feb 2011

this explains it in detail
click here

  bremner 16:19 15 Feb 2011

click here and see what can and can't work

  john bunyan 16:23 15 Feb 2011

Do check hardware too wit bremmes link. On 64 bit, most 32 bit software works ok and is filed in C:/Programmes Files (x86)

  Davith 17:32 15 Feb 2011

Thanks for all your responses they were very informative. Bremm I notice that most of Microsoft Office applications suggests going for the latest versions ie office 2010 etc but I assume this is a marketing thing as I find Office 2000 premium does every thing I need. So I assume that this will run OK all be it without all the bells and whistles of the latest versions.

  GaT7 17:54 15 Feb 2011

Office 2000 is not officially supported in Win7 32/64-bit click here / click here, but apparently there are workarounds click here.

One way is to use Compatibility Mode click here. G

  morddwyd 19:49 15 Feb 2011

I am running Office 2000 Premium on Win 7 64 bit with no problems at all.

In fact, every piece os software I had running under XP 32bit is running perfectly well on Win 7 64bit.

  robin_x 22:57 15 Feb 2011

Office 2000 OK with me W7 64 Home.
Took a bit of Googling/fiddling. Post back if you have probs.
Or use Open Office or LibreOffice + Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook.

Nero 5 or 6 wouldn't work. No great loss there.
(use Ashampoo and/or ImgBurn)

Needed a new printer (£40) and upgrade of modem to wireless router (AOL provided that FOC when I asked)

Good freeware site to consider for any apps that won't transfer.
click here

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