32 bit res displays muddled colours

  The_slay0r 14:31 31 Oct 2003

i recently bought a creative 3d blaster 4 mx420 from PC world, but i am having problems when i try to set it to a colour quality of 32bit. when i set it to this resolution i get a pink line on the bottom of my login screen and my wallpaper has large masses of red green and blue speckles when i login. if anyone knows how i could fix this problem successfully i would be grateful to know. I am using windows xp pro.

  Djohn 16:04 31 Oct 2003

What make/model/size of monitor do you have? Also does the display look OK at 24 bit, and what refresh rate are you using? j.

  The_slay0r 17:05 01 Nov 2003

my monitor is a 15" packard bell A526. i can only change between 16 and 32 bit on my resoloution and the refresh rate is 60hz. the 16 bit res it a bit jaggy

  Djohn 17:30 01 Nov 2003

The refresh rate is on the low side. Try 75 Hz, at 800x600 resolution. This should improve things. If your monitor will not support this high a refresh it will just revert back to one that it can. If this does not improve things, then you can download a new driver for your monitor from this site.

Make sure you select the correct O/S [Operating system] IE 98 or XP download the file to your desktop then log off the internet and double click the new file, it will self install. click here j.

  DieSse 17:54 01 Nov 2003

A new monitor inf file ("driver") will not help, as it is only a text file of what the monitor will support.

It sounds a lot like your graphics card is faulty. The monitor merely displays what it's given - if the picture has the problems you describe, then it is being bad information - which IMHO can only be the graphics cards fault.

  woodchip 19:25 01 Nov 2003

My thoughts entirely, I would be inclined to take the card back as faulty

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