32 bit - 64 bit question...?

  Bansaw 09:37 24 Mar 2010

I have a 32 bit WinXP laptop and thinking of buying a 64 bit Win7 laptop.

Do you think there will be any issues with my current 32 bit software running on a 64 bit machine, or will it just not run as fast as it could?


ps: I am not intending to buy Win7 Ultimate or Premium which has an XP compatibility mode. Or will I have to?

  john bunyan 09:46 24 Mar 2010

Download and run the MS W7 advisor and it will tell you. I have 3/4 year old PC and it runs fine in W7 64 bit and most programmes can be run in 32 bit if you wish (not in the official XP mode) nut in W7. I run Photoshop in 32 bit for scsnning and 64 bit for processing. I am not a gamer though.

  AL47 18:56 24 Mar 2010

everything that will run in vista will run in 7 [i have found] dont know about xp to 7 tho

i do know that every one of my 32 bit apps that i had with vista 32 run fine in 64 win 7, 32 bit apps go into a 32bit 'program files (x86)' folder and all 64 bit apps go into 'program files'

  robin_x 21:17 24 Mar 2010

I upgraded my Compaq Presario SR1619 Tower to W7 64 HomePremium after I bought a new Preinstalled W7 64 H.P Presario Laptop.

I knew in advance my modem and printer would not work.

I got a new wireless router from AOL (free), didnt have to threaten to leave. Also monthly down to £9.99 at same time.

I had to buy a new printer. Simply no way round Lexmark X-74 All-in-One working beyond XP.

Got a Canon MP250 Pixma from Argos for £35.

If I had waited a few weeks I could have got HP Wireless one for £42 from Amazon.
Wish I had done now. I have to wake my upstairs Tower up (since I dont use it much now) to print.

Minor probs getting Office2000 working, but they were solvable.

Main point is running old progs in Compatibility Mode (allowed in Home Premium) but that is not the same as full XP mode in Ultimate.

No remote desktop either. I can use Logmein, but cannot stream video from my upstairs TV Tuner card very well (think mobile phone quality from a foreign reporter).

If you can spare the pennies for Ultimate, go for it.

  robin_x 21:23 24 Mar 2010

Oh and I ran XP upstairs with W7 downstairs for a few weeks till my router arrived (when all that snow melted) and I got round to installing it.

They networked and shared together fine, but as Workgroup, not W7W7 Homegroup.
Anyway, it was all painless and mostly automatic.
I didnt have any setup issues.

Use RJ45 crossover cables to link laptop to laptop directly.
Straight thru cables, if you have router.
Wireless if you have a wireless router.

  Bansaw 08:36 25 Mar 2010

thanks all, thats helpful.

I mainly have Photoshop CS2 (if this didn't work I'd sulk for months)
Other software : Sonar Home XL, Office2003, MOTU Ethno instrument.

There doesn't look like much there but Photoshop, Sonar and MOTU are not cheap.

I'm going to contact MOT and Sonar and ask about Win7 compatibility.

  john bunyan 09:03 25 Mar 2010

I would phone adobe re cs2. I have CS4 which works although I use 32bit compatability for scanning and 64 bit for photo work.

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