303 viruses on one pc!! Is this a record!!

  wots it all about 10:10 30 May 2005

Hello everyone.
Am helping a friend with her pc. She has 2 teenage boys who despite my desperate pleadings to use antivirus (AVG) and spyware stuff I advised, havent done so. Result: 303 viruses picked up by AVG !! Gawd knows how many hundreds of spyware items too. They had visited some very unsavoury sites indeed and also installed Kazaa (say no more) I seem to be getting it under control now except for "Huntbar" which apparently needs registry editing. Am working on that at the mo.Also still getting some pop ups, but they may be the huntbar prob.
They are insisting on using "Limewire" a file sharing site, does any one know if this is spyware free please?
At one time the pc took 15 minutes to boot up!!
I am amazed.
I have installed:AVG
microsoft antispyware (I like this!)
asquared. If that dont sort it, well, I give up....

  VoG II 10:13 30 May 2005

Huntbar removal click here

  Belatucadrus 10:46 30 May 2005

Limewire free is listed as adware and is sponsored by an ad-banner, according to some reviews fairly unobtrusive. Other than that it appears free of ad/spy nasties.
For anti virus I'd suggest avast! free home click here , very unobtrusive in operation, automated updates require no input from the user, it has a P2P shield to scan the downloads for unpleasant hangers on and can be set with a password to stop them disabling it.

  p;3 10:50 30 May 2005

I know you have already a stack of problems there, but do I dare ask if they have also been sending and receiving e mails::((((

and their refusal to use appropriate computer precautions may have done lord knows what to who knows whose machines :(

children seem to think they know best, until it all falls apart:)

  wots it all about 11:00 30 May 2005

Well I have put avg on it now, but will have a look at avast for future ref- thank you for that.As soon as people know you are interested in computers they all seem to come out of the woodwork with their problems dont they!! I dont mind helping them, if I can, like most of us.
Re the emails, I couldnt agree more, and am glad it has now been sorted, one less infected machine on the loose.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 30 May 2005

303 sorry no where near a record!

Over 600 virus and spyware removed from a PC use by 2 teenage girls.

Agree with Belatucadrus Avast4 click here
when installed and screensaver scan set its a fit and forget protection.

Spywareblaster click here will prevent alot of malware getting on in the first place again fit and forget excet for a check for updates once a month or so.

MSoftAntispy Beta click here will find most things that slip past Spywareblaster and can be scheduled to scan and check for updates on a regular basis.

  wots it all about 11:33 30 May 2005

Blimey! 600! But the word "teenage" seems to be a common denominator!
Have already installed both spywareblaster and msantispy, which i like very much. Thanks anyway.

  muscic lover 11:38 30 May 2005

Cripes 300+ infections........

I think i would install AVG for them as soon as i repaired the poor ol' PC.....

One question..... did you erase the whole disk and start again. I would have done so... using a flame thrower!

Wow... good luck with the problem, maybe install some virus / adaware protection for them before handing back a 'repaired' PC.....

  Joe R 11:40 30 May 2005

AS Music Lover,

Looks like a full fdisk, format and reinstallation, unless it is a recovery disk, and just a reinstallation.

  marbles 12:06 30 May 2005

i managed 601 problems with my pc, it was so bad the pc had an hankie next to it.

  Completealias 12:48 30 May 2005

I would go with a fresh start as well wipe the thing clean and start again.

What operating system are they using?

If xp once you have setup the pc again make the 2 lads limited user accounts yes they will probably try and get round this but its a good start. Make sure the admin account has a decent password on it.

Install all the various security software and set to auto update and do regular scans

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