300W PSU

  SirMetal 22:18 22 Feb 2010

Hey guys, I want to make the jump from a Celeron D 3.46Ghz processor to a Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66Ghz. I have a 300W PSU fitted and I also have a CD/DVD drive, HDD, HD3450 graphics card, a few fans and a memory card reader.

I've checked the motherboard and it's compatible with this newer chip, and my motherboard has a max FSB speed of 1066Mhz, so this processor seems right for me (:

I just want some information on whether or not this PSU will be up to the task?

Thanks in advance!

  Technotiger 22:21 22 Feb 2010

By todays' standards 300W is a bit low powered. I would advise a 450W of best quality you can afford. Quality is almost equally important as wattage.

  Ibanez2010 22:29 22 Feb 2010

I'd agree quality is important. Have bought a couple of el cheapo models from Novatech to have them die within weeks.

  mrwoowoo 22:58 22 Feb 2010

Sorry, but i'm going to disagree.
If you are saying that the HD3450,300W PSU etc is what you are running now and are only looking to upgrade the CPU then your PSU will be fine.
Yes it's the lowest recommended wattage for your graphics card.But as it's running it ok now a change of CPU will make no difference as there is very little power consumption difference between the new and old one.
Infact, i have never known anyone upgrade their PSU just to change processors.

  SirMetal 23:08 22 Feb 2010

Thanks a lot guys!

I think I'll try it with my current PSU as mrwoowoo suggested, and if there are any complications then I'll upgrade my PSU (:

  User-312386 00:42 23 Feb 2010

Give it a go you have nothing to lose. However i am with technotiger on this one. A good quality PSU is a must! I have seen people fit 650watt which would not power my sons gameboy properly let alone a computer!

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