30 gb laptop drive (how to format)

  skidzy 16:54 14 Dec 2006

This thread is slightly related to a solved thread i started last week,please read first. click here

However,i have bought i new hdd for the xpi laptop and am currently using this as an external drive connected via R-Drive kit to my desktop.

After going through Disk Management it is recognised as disk 1 ...no problem there.No problems in Device Manager either.

Though the drive is not recognised in My Computer.

Now my question is,how do i send data files/pics etc to the drive when it is not recognised in My Computer.

I know this drive needs formatting first,but i cannot find anything anywhere to format this on my pc.....does xp do this or a 3rd party software.

Though through Disk management it will create a partition via properties.

As usual all advice welcome and greatly appreciated.

  ed-0 17:05 14 Dec 2006

In disk management, when you right click it, do you have the option to create a new partition?

" Though through Disk management it will create a partition via "

If it does, then this is how you set the drive up so windows can work with it.

Select new partition and this should start the formating and partition wizard.

  skidzy 17:08 14 Dec 2006

Hi ed-0 hope your well mate

Yes im now following your suggestions,i got brave and had already started after finding some advice on MS click here

Will let you know how i get on.

Thankyou ed-0

  ed-0 17:27 14 Dec 2006

Or use this follow through

Right click any empty space to the right of the drive click here you will get create new partition or logical drive

This starts the wizard click here

pick logical drive, if highlighted click here

Select the size you want your first partition to be. It can be the full disk or you can pick a segment of it. click here If you decide to split the disk into more than one partition, you just concentrate on the first partition and create the rest of the available space later. If you intend to use the hard drive in the laptop, then it would be worth creating two partitions. One you can load windows onto. The other partition you could transfer all the data you ant to keep. This would not affect you loading windows on to the partition.

Next you can assign a drive letter to the hard drive, either pick the default one or pick one of your own. click here

Then you get the option on which file format you want the drive to be in. NTFS or FAT32 and always pick the quick format button. click here

Then you finish and it formats the drive.click here

If you have created more than one basic partition, post back on how to recover the rest of the hard drive.

  skidzy 17:39 14 Dec 2006

Thanks again ed-0

This is what im trying to do.

Format the drive before installing into the laptop.

Maybe at a later date install windows on the drive,i will then follow your advice about the partition for windows.

Ok everything so far seems good,formatted ok and recognised in My Computer and healthy and showing 27.9gb of the 30gb...why the 2.1gb missing ? not to bothered about that though.

Now going to install into the laptop ed-0 and will post back the results.
All i need is for the laptop to recognise the drive and i can then show to my friend the original drive is dead.

Thanks again mate,will let you know in 10 minutes.

(but dont hold your breath) :-)))

  skidzy 17:54 14 Dec 2006

Upon the first boot it goes straight to the bios and only recognises 8423MB,then using F2 for the bios screen it shows Internal harddrive 8423MB ??

Now on the pc (desktop) files transfer to the drive perfectly and is acknowledged and works fine.

Is this laptop going to need a new bios for this drive ?

ed-0 if you need images of the laptop screen,just let me know.

Thankyou for your time mate.

  skidzy 17:57 14 Dec 2006

sorry on first boot,it is the bios welcome screen showing

640 base
064512K Extended Memory

Strike F1 for reboot
F2 for bios setup

F1 just loops back to the same screen
F2 gives the bios setup utility.

  ed-0 18:33 14 Dec 2006

" showing 27.9gb of the 30gb...why the 2.1gb missing ? "

Thats normal. It's just that windows calls a 1Gb drive differently to hard disk manufacturers.

I would F2 and enter the bios. is it showing the hard drive as 8423MB ( 8.4Gb ) or is it not regestering?

Some photos would be good, also what was the size of the original damaged hard drive?

  ed-0 18:42 14 Dec 2006

I've just had a quick skim through your posting about the bad hard drive.

It could be that the bios has a 8.4Gb restriction, though I doubt it as usually if the hard drive exceeds the bios, the hard drive is not recognised, full stop.

Though two things makes me wonder. One is the fact that was running windows 98 and the other is the age of the laptop.

I think if you could post some screen shots of the bios we may see something out of the ordinary. The other option is, if the bios shows 8.4Gb, is to run the windows 98 installation disk and check the drives through fdisk.

With option 4 on fdisk, this will show if all the drive is showing or just a segment. If it is just a segment and windows 98 is to be re-installed, then the drive can be further partitioned in fdisk or you could re-arrange drive sizes in XP to suit win98.

  skidzy 18:46 14 Dec 2006

The original drive
Model number = DLGA-23080 E182115 s
Also written on the hdd is 3080MB

On booting the lappy it shows 064512K Extended memory

F2 into the bios shows Internal hard Drive 8423MB

If i put the drive into my pc it shows almost full capacity 27.9gb

Would i be right the bios cannot read the new drive correctly ?

If you look at these images ed-0 they are from the previous thread and only the Internal hardrive reading are different click here
click here

  skidzy 18:50 14 Dec 2006

Sorry ed-0 cross posted you.

I have no access to the 98 disc,my friend never had it.

Im at a loose end really,if i got xp installed on the new drive,im unsure this old lappy would still work as the bios is not reading the drive correctly.

Is this lappy actually to old to put xp on ?

Thanks for sticking with it ed-0

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