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  Forum Editor 23:18 30 Nov 2004

you can get a source code blocker that will protect your html (and a lot more), but think long and hard before doing it.

The internet has grown into what it is today by having an open-door ethos. You can get ideas from others and they can get them from you. In a sense we're part of that process here, in the forum. You've come here for advice, and we're offering of charge. I wouldn't dream of saying to you "Yes, I know the answer to your question, but it took me years to gain my experience, and I'm not about to let you have the benefit of it for nothing".

Consider whether you should really have anything to be concerned about - your site may be good, indeed it might be excellent, but you won't have done anything that hasn't been done before, and I doubt that your company would suffer one iota if someone copied a snatch of your code, or even if someone downloaded the entire site to their hard drive.

My personal advice is to forget about it, and join the millions of others who happily allow their code to be viewed and/or copied, but if you're still intent on keeping it hidden from view
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