3 WiFi and AOL Broadband queries: b or g? help?!

  powertool 17:52 08 Mar 2004


I have been reading everything I can about networking and wifi, but I must admit I am still finding it a bit of a headache.

Next week I am moving from a village to a town and will have 1Mb AOL broadband [instead of my current 28 dial up!]. I can't wait.

I would like the following to share the internet connection; 1 x desktop [Win98], 1 x laptop [Win98] and 1 x laptop [XP].

I will be downloading music [paid for and legal!] quite a lot.

If anyone has the answers to these questions, I would be grateful.

1. Am I right in saying that as 802.11b is the only wifi standard available for AOL susbscribers [since AOL only recommends Thomson SpeedTouch 570 11Mbit/s Wireless ADSL Router]

2. Should I connect my XP laptop to the router via ethernet cable, as this will be the fastest way of downloading music files? Obviously it would be more convenient to have the Desktop Win98 PC as the wired one, but the spec is nowhere near as good as it is 5 years old]

3. Is it worth waiting until AOL has 'g' wifi compatibility rather than invest in 'b' now?

or /

For the purposes of surfing / e-mail etc., if there isn't much noticeable difference in 'b' vs 'g' performance, should I be OK to go with 'b' on the basis that I get all my 'big' music files through ethernet cable?

Sorry the questions are clear[ish!] in my head, but hard to write down succinctly! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Best wishes


  Matt45 18:33 08 Mar 2004

"b" will be fine for what you want. A network with an 11Mbp/s speed is plenty to just surf the web with considering you are only connecting at 1Mbp/s. You only really need "g" (54Mbp/s) if you are wanting to stream videos accross your network.

With regards to connecting your laptop via ethernet cable for downloading music, dont' bother because you will only be downloading at roughly 1Mbp/s which as I mentioned above is much lower than your network capacity at 11Mbp/s.

Hope that helps.


  anon1 18:36 08 Mar 2004

If you are going via a router then there should be no difference which pc is connected where as the router holds the key. You might want to consider capping the bandwidth to the other machines but its hardly worth it. You will of course only be able to download the music as fast as the server can upload it. Also bear in mind of all 3 machines access the net at the same time then the broadband spead will be shared more or less equally (unless you cap).

  powertool 20:33 08 Mar 2004

much appreciated!!!


  JIM 20:50 08 Mar 2004

Do check out the SpeedTouch 545 Wireless Upgradable DSL Router.Better in my opinion to the 570.

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