3 way SLI 9800gtx

  Posky 09:33 06 Jun 2008

Bit of a computer newby, just wanted to ask.

When I get my new computer I'll get the 3 way SLI set, at first it'll be populated with just 1 9800gtx but i'll add more over time. When there is 2-3 9800gtx cards in at once would I need to install water cooling or would it be completely stable on just standard air cooling (Golden orb + Coolmaster Cosmos case)

Thanks in advance.

  citadel 19:23 06 Jun 2008

The latest edition of custom pc mag has a big feature on sli and crossfire with benchmarks for all combinations. the final result "if you want to play the latest games at high resolution the 9800gtx2 is the only card worth considering as all other combinations of cards in sli and crossfire arn't worth it.

  I am Spartacus 20:15 06 Jun 2008

I suspect not many people are as yet running a dual/triple 9800 GTX system so answers may be few.

Be aware of possible heat issues with the 9800 GX2 click here

I built a system last year running 2 fairly modest Radeon 3870s in Crossfire and the temperatures increased by around 15ºC at idle and 25ºC load compared to a single card so good airflow in the case is important.

I'm a big fan:-) of the Thermalright Ultra 120s for CPU cooling although a fan is necessary. The reviews of the Golden Orb suggest average performance.

  Gav5 22:09 06 Jun 2008

Yor best bet is to get the best single card you can. The performance benefits, in my opinion, are outweighed by the cost and temperature issues with multiple cards. There are very few games which could utilise this much graphics power.

I used to have twin 8800gts but changed to a single 9800 gtx which plays everything i've thrown at it at high resolution. Best to upgrade a single card every 8 months or so and sell the old one on ebay.

  Ditch999 23:20 06 Jun 2008

I agree with Gav5.
A lot of games are not written for dual or triple cards.
Stick with the fastest single card you can afford.

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