3 'Users' but different desktops-Please help?

  buel 21:39 03 Aug 2009

Hi, i recently put various programmes such as 'Ccleaner', Defraggler, SpyBot search and destroy on 1 'User' account but on the other 2 user accounts they dont appear on there. Please can anyone tell me will they be 'working' on the other 2 desktops/users? And how do i get the shortcuts to appear please?

  GaT7 22:35 03 Aug 2009

For the 2 user accounts they don't appear, you can try going into the Program Files folders of each program & creating shortcuts.

Then place these shortcuts where you need them, & try them out to see if each program runs & works it should. G

  buel 22:37 03 Aug 2009

Sorry for the silly question but do i just drag+drop from the programme list to create shortcuts?

  [DELETED] 22:38 03 Aug 2009
  GaT7 22:41 03 Aug 2009

You can try Copy & Paste instead, as drag+drop may remove them from their original locations altogether.

Correction to previous post: "...& try them out to see if each program runs & works as it should." G

  buel 22:47 03 Aug 2009

Bugger! I dragged ad dropped and the programes no longer appear in the list of programmes!! Grrr! What now please?

  lotvic 23:05 03 Aug 2009

There is no need to use swear words.

This is a family forum.

  GaT7 23:08 03 Aug 2009

Try exploring the list of programs folder, then selecting Edit > Undo as many times as need be to get them back. G

  buel 23:13 03 Aug 2009

Is 'Bugger' classed as a swear word? Oh i am sorry if it is but it isn't where i come from, live or work! Many apologies to evryone if it is lotvic (and to everyone else who is offended by this)!!

  lotvic 23:26 03 Aug 2009

extract from Forum Rules:
"Forbidden territory
Some behaviour is unacceptable in our forum, and in the interests of harmony we will insist on the following rules being observed at all times.
• Bad language - it isn't necessary to use bad language to make a point, and although modern usage has seen many previously unacceptable terms become a part of everyday conversation there are certain words which are universally acknowledged as being inappropriate. We will exercise our right to remove any posts that (in our opinion) contain such language, and the Forum Editor's decision in such matters is final."

So you could check with FE for a decision if you disagree.

  rdave13 23:43 03 Aug 2009

Try opening 'my computer' and opening the shared documents folder. Copy and paste the shortcuts there. On the other two profiles open the 'shared documents' folder and copy and paste the shortcuts on to the desktop.

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