3 USB Modem has messed up my pc!

  sonic74205 03:08 05 Apr 2009

My PC is running on XP Pro. I wanted to download the windows installer and .NET framwork from the microsoft website so i could start installing some mods for a computer game. So i put my 3 USB Modem into my PC, it installed itself and worked fine on the internet. I ran the windows automatic updates and it asked me to download something. I clicked yes and it told me the download had failed. I tried a few more times and it still wasnt working. Then the 3 USB Modem disconnected itself from the net. I tried to reconnect but it wouldnt have it. So i tried restarting the computer and i get a message coming up titled Network Connection. It says:
You (or a program) have requested information from which information do you want to use?
(The only option is 3 USB Modem)

Below it are options of either SETTINGS, CONNECT or CANCEL

Computer freezes up no matter what i press. I've tried restarting and not having the 3 USB Modem in ive tried leaving that box open and not pressing anything. Still it just freezes up and i cant get to anything.

I have also noticed that whenever i restart and that box comes up again, the message changes. First it would say numbers similar to the one in the example i gave ( but now it says jiets.soidudrf.com

Can anybody help me?

  ronalddonald 06:31 05 Apr 2009

use 3 usb broadband on linux and i haven't had problems, its possible it may be a compatible problem with the updates and the modem. If it possible try to reinstall the operating system or do system restore and see if that clears the problem.

also beware on how much you download, sometimes you can easily exceed the gb by browsing too much and the updates can sometimes be long.

  ronalddonald 06:32 05 Apr 2009

one more thing make sure you back up your perosnal files on another drive or external drive b4, you try to reinstall the OS or system restore

  brundle 06:36 05 Apr 2009

Sounds more like a malware infection to me. That last domain name crops up in bad company when put into Google.

No need to consider re-installing the OS (yet) but system restore might help.

Use a working PC to download the following;
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; click here
Definitions; click here
Detection list for reference; click here

SuperAntispyware; click here
Definitions; click here

Burn to CD, or put on a flash drive.

On the problem PC - start in safe mode or using Last Known Good Configuration if it won't boot at all; click here . Disconnect your machine from the internet.

Run the antispyware installer(s) but choose not run the actual program immediately. Run the definitions file to update the definitions. Then run full scans.

If the software refuses to install or run, rename the installer (some spyware detects the default name and blocks the product).

  sonic74205 14:24 07 Apr 2009

Thanks Brundle! I downloaded the anti-malware and my pc if working fine now. It detected 44 infected files. After i got rid of them that wierd network connection thing disapeared too. Thanks for all your help :)

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