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3 mobile broadband problem - is it a rip off?

  pgj 16:43 08 Mar 2009

Just over 2 months ago I purchased a 12 GB pay as you go deal with 3. For less than £100 it is a great deal. I only use the facility at work and over the 2 months it has become invaluable. However, I am now having problems and finding it impossible to get internet access for more than the odd few minutes. Having talked to a few other 3 users it would seem they are having the exact same problem, after 2 months of using the service without problem it comes to a sudden and almost total stop. One purchased their 12 gig deal in early Dec 2008 the other at the end of Dec 2008 and me in early 2009. In each situation after 2 months and a few days we have all started to encounter problems. The icing on the cake here is that the first of the above to purchase believed they had used their 12 gig credit and so topped up by £10 and got perfect access again for a few weeks – I add here that they had not used up their allocation and that in fact they had only used 1.5 gigs.

Has anyone else heard of this problem? If it is 3 limiting people after a few months that is outrageous and surely must be illegal? If not it is certainly immoral and should be given a nationally huge publicity push. As I said this facility had become invaluable to me and I now feel like I have lost one of my arms now at work.

  Forum Editor 18:19 08 Mar 2009

and asked why this is happening?

  pgj 18:32 08 Mar 2009

Yes but as of yet have not had a reply. That's why I was enquiring here if others had had a similar experience etc.

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