3 hdd on one ide channel?

  Air_Man 19:27 24 Jun 2005

I have just got myself a new hard drive and was about to throw away the smallest 20gb HDD, then wondered if it is possible to have 3 hard drives. I currently have 2 ide channels, 1 supports a DVD re-writer and CD-RW, the other is used for 2 HDDs. Could I simply get a IDE cable wih 3 connectors, or would I need some sort of IDE controller card.

Any thoughts?


  De Marcus 19:31 24 Jun 2005

Impossible, buy a pci ide expansion card.

  Dorsai 19:35 24 Jun 2005

As far as I know, NO.

IDE channels only support a maximum of two devices.

The hardware on the Motherboard is not designed for any more, nor the cable, nor the drives.

Like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Sorry. :-(

  De Marcus 19:39 24 Jun 2005

The easiest way is to fit a pci ide card, however if your struggling for space an external hard drive may be of more benefit. Caddys are ten a penny today and you should be able to pick one up for less than £20. If you've got space but no spare power connectors, you can buy a power splitter (effectively gives you two power connectors from one) for about 50 pence.

Whatever the case, you can't add more than 2 devices to one ide channel.

  Air_Man 08:44 25 Jun 2005

Thx all. I am really just trying to save waste and put to good use, a perfectly decent 20Gb HDD.

I'll checkout a PCI IDE card as I have plenty of space inside the case, but very little outside.


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