3 free drives to use?

  podlod 12:02 17 Sep 2011

Hi, I just need advice regarding my PC drives. On C drive (now 86gb free memory)I have all my software downloads that I use, including my games. On my D drive (now 186gb free memory) I have virtually nothing. Last but not least my E drive, (295gb free memory) I have all my photography and private letters in this area. Question being, is it possible to transfer my games to D drive or My Pictures to D drive without any complications, or anything? I would like somebody to advise me in carrying out an equal balance between these 2 drives being C or D drives, so the memory can in some way be balanced. Silly question maybe, but would appreciate an answer. Thank you.

  bremner 12:09 17 Sep 2011

Programs on C would have to be uninstalled and then reinstalled on D - they cannot simply be moved.

The contents of My Pictures could be copied to D then deleted from C.

  gengiscant 12:27 17 Sep 2011

Your C drive has 86GB of free space not memory likewise with the other drives. According to your Belarc report your C drive is 500GB in size you have a smaller 250GB drive and an external 320GB drive and you have 3GB of memory. Is this correct?

You are running out of space on your C drive as you are installing everything to that drive.

My C drive,which is only 60GB in size has only my operating system on plus programs, about 80 at last count with 17GB free space which is plenty. Everything else including my Steam games folder containing 270GB of games is on my 500GB D drive along with music/photos/documents/videos and films. The last 5 are themselves backed up on a 500GB external hard-drive.

You can copy any of your personal stuff,photos and the like to your D/E drive thereby freeing up more space on your C drive but it sounds as though you have resorted to the same sort of system you had prior to your last install of XP and its a bit of a mess.

I was under the impression you were upgrading various components which might mean you having to reinstall XP is this not so?

  podlod 10:51 18 Sep 2011

Hi again, yes i have a new drive now with more memory, but it needs tidying up somewhat, and i have no intention at the moment of re-installing windows, for a while anyway.Please enlighten me of the fact that if I move My Documents to Ddrive, does that mean that everything in programs that is in C drive automatically carries across? Yes I know it may be a stupid question, but please bear with me. I need to tidy up my drives as it has been left in a bloody mess!

  gengiscant 11:11 18 Sep 2011

You have no intention of re-installing Windows so what upgrades is you good friend is getting for you. You led me to believe that it involves a new motherboard which would usually mean a clean install of your OS XP as the motherboard drivers would be incorrect.

You can certainly move the My documents folder but that will not move your programs as they will need to be uninstalled the reinstalled on the D drive.

I need to tidy up my drives as it has been left in a bloody mess! How did they get in to this mess? I thought we had set them up so that would not happen. As I do not know, without seeing your hard-drives, what you have done it is a bit tricky to give a definitive answer to your question.

You have obviously got all your stuff spread across all three drives instead of across 2 and backed up to the third. Your C Drive is getting very low on space and if you carry on this way you will have further problems later.

  podlod 15:48 19 Sep 2011

Hi Glenn, my friend is arriving tomorrow so I will see what he has to say regarding you r re-install of windows, will be interesting.

  gengiscant 16:45 19 Sep 2011

Okey dokey Brian.

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