3 fans off 1 motherboard connection

  [email protected] 14:05 18 Jul 2008

hi, i just had a scary thought, my pc runs all case fans from the psu's 'case fan' connector, and controls the speed of them.
i set up a pc last week and connected 2 rear 120 fans and 1 front one to the motherboard it runs quiet and cool, and there have been no problems up till now.
my question is is the mobo chassis fan connector only meant to have 1 fan on it? will this harm the motherboard at all?
many thanks

  [email protected] 14:56 18 Jul 2008

ok, the way my luck is going recently i decided not to risk anything, the case is my old one and still had my akasa speed controller covering a blank in the case, so i connected the rear fan to the motherboard, shorted the motherboard connection on the speed controller, and connected that, directly to the front and roof fan and psu, so they are now manually controlled and only the rear fan has temp control.
got a slightly quieter pc and only the 1 off the motherboard.

  ambra4 15:00 18 Jul 2008

Yes, each motherboard fan connection should only run 1 external fan plus the CPU fan

Connecting more than 1 external fan thought the same connection can cause the

connection on the motherboard to over heat and burn out as it will be drawing a lot more


All extra fans that you install must be power via the power supply unit

  nosharpe 15:06 18 Jul 2008

I found this click here
Probably safer

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