"3" dongle set up/ installation help

  worcesterman47 09:45 16 Aug 2009

hi, my daughter has used the 3 network dongle for the last 12/14 months with no problems..but the last day or so it just will not connect to the net...now, i have quite abit of experience with desktop & laptop pc's but absolutely no knowledge of dongles, can anyone help me as i need to find out the following...
1, would the dongle be plug & play ? ( win xp o/s)
2, should/does the dongle need an installation disk ?
3, if answer to question 1 is yes...then should the dongle automatically set itself up ?

she has used the dongle on her own pc ( of course)which now does not work...i lent her my laptop to try it on there..nothing came up on screen to show any kind of connections, i know have asked her to bring the dongle to me so as i can play around with it on my desktop...she cannot remember if she had any installation disks with it when bought..so, thats why i need to know what to do to see if it works on my pc...of course i guess the dongle could be faulty now...so any help/advice/suggestions would really be greatly appreciated...many thanks in advance

  birdface 09:59 16 Aug 2009

Not knowing a lot about dongles.Would it not have come with a CD with the drivers on it.I bought one about 3 weeks ago and it came with a CD.I have never used it yet so cannot comment on other dongles.

  birdface 10:04 16 Aug 2009

Maybe something to look at and see if it helps in any way.

click here

  norman47 10:12 16 Aug 2009

are on the dongle.

  worcesterman47 11:12 16 Aug 2009

hi again...just read the link you posted...but i do not think those problems apply...as my daughter has been using the dongle with no probs until recently...so, i guess i am back to the questions above...particularly if the drivers are on the dongle itself or if she would have had a disk originally to install dongle ( or even is it possible to download new drivers if they exist in case the current ones have become corrupt in some way )..once again any help/advice greatly appreciated

  norman47 11:25 16 Aug 2009

He HAD a 3 dongle.

He confirms the drivers were on the dongle.

  worcesterman47 11:49 16 Aug 2009

norman, thanks for that...only thing now then is if the dongle is NOT being recognised on my daughters desktop...or the laptop i loaned her to try it...then it is probably the dongle that is at fault somehow....now, does anyone know if it is possible to download new drivers for it...as i would guess that that is now the problem ? or will it be a case of buying a new dongle ? once again all help/advice greatly appreciated

  Jak_1 11:52 16 Aug 2009

All the software required is in the dongle, no cd requiresd as it is plug & play. Your daughter could try removing all the software from her pc first and see if the dongle will re-establish it'self afterwards though if it has not worked on your lappy then there may be either a fault with the dongle or a local server problem on the network.

  sunnystaines 11:55 16 Aug 2009

is the problem at the other end with the net provider.

  worcesterman47 11:59 16 Aug 2009

hi, do not think it is a server prob...been going on to long for that i reckon...i think now like you it is a dongle fault..as it wont work on the laptop either...i have asked her to bring it to my home & i will ( just for good measure) try it on my desktop..if that fails then it must be a faulty dongle,,but thanks for confirming it is plug & play & no disc required because as i said before i have NO knowledge of dongles :)but any more help or sugestions are greatly appreciated

  mimosa418 14:43 16 Aug 2009

I have had a three dongle for 18 months and what you have described has happened a couple of times.
I have found that the Three network will not connect at weekends since they apparently do maintenance and upgrades. Each time this ghas happened i have experienced improved performance. You need to check with Three to confirm thiswhich means phoning the help line and insisting that you speak to a supervisor.
To answer your original question: the dongle is plug and play and should install as soon as you insert it in to the USB. Al software is on the dongle.

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