3 dongle drivers remove and renstall

  rocketbob 21:08 26 Jul 2013

my mates laptop wont connect to the internet he phoned 3 and they told him uninstall the drivers and then renstall them.so i have got to use my landline to connect the internet do i just use a usb cable and plug into my router. has 3 got a removel tool to download to remove the drivers

  T0SH 23:24 26 Jul 2013

With most dongles the driver and software gets installed the first time you plug in the dongle ,it can normally be un-installed from the control panel in either add remove programs or programs and features depending on the OS version

firstly unplug the dongle then un-install the software reboot when you plug in the dongle it should run you through the setup process

Cheers HC

  alanrwood 09:39 27 Jul 2013

I should also say that the install process is very long and looks as though it has finished when it sits doing apparently nothing for a while and then starts agin installing more drivers.

  rocketbob 20:06 27 Jul 2013

i got my mates laptop and i unstalled the dongle drivers. rebooted the laptop and plug in the dongle and installed the drivers, the ip address came up in the search bar then it said web page not responding. then i looked in open network and sharing center and click on the 3g connect and a pop up box said, error 797 a connection to the remote access sever was not made because the modem was not found. when i click on computer i cant see the usb drive there.

  alanrwood 11:15 28 Jul 2013

If you can't see the USB drive then the software has not installed correctly. Uninstall it again, do a Revo uninstall to be sure everything is removed, Do a Ccleaner analysis and delete the junk then do a Ccleaner registry check and delete anything that comes up to do with "3" AFTER saving the items.

Reboot and reinstall. As I said it often takes a long long time (>20 mins) to do the complete install and it does stop and is seemingly finished but it will start again to install more drivers.

  alanrwood 11:16 28 Jul 2013

Another possibility is that the dongle install software has gone corrupt. Can you borrow a similar dongle and try from that.

  rocketbob 17:43 28 Jul 2013

i have found that removing a update for explorer 10 and going back to exp 9 that i can now log on to the internet. then i download cc cleaner and run that. then i run microsoft updates explorer 10 back on laptop, then went to log on and got error 797 so i have gone back to exp9. but in computer still cant see the drive, is a revo uninstall the next thing to try.

  alanrwood 19:05 28 Jul 2013

OK, as a result of your last post, please can you clarify the situation a bit more. You need to determine whether the problem is connection related or browser related. Does the dongle actually connect to the 3 network ie does the connection LED on the dongle stay lit (I'm assuming it has one - I don't know what dongle you are using). If it has connected and you just can't access anything in your browser I would suggest that you install Chrome browser and see if you are more successful.

  rocketbob 19:55 28 Jul 2013

its a huawei hi link dongle its connecting to the 3 network and the led light stays on.its ok when using explorer 9 its when he updates to explorer 10 it wont connect to the internet.

  alanrwood 20:07 28 Jul 2013

So even with IE10 his dongle still connects to the internet as shown by the led light staying on. Am I correct. If so then the problem is with his browser and I would install Chrome and see what happens then.

  rocketbob 13:59 29 Jul 2013

last night i had about 20 microsoft updates to install now its working ok must have been the browser so thanks alanrwood

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