3 Dimensional

  podlod 11:34 27 Sep 2005

Hi, Not being an expert on certain software, but could someone please tell me if I can buy software that will give me a 3 dimensional look at what photos or certain items I wish to download on my PC. Thanks

  Belatucadrus 14:07 27 Sep 2005

Not sure I understand the question, when you say you want a "3 dimensional look at what photos or certain items I wish to download on my PC" what precisely do you mean ? Photos are by definition 2 dimensional and "certain items" could be anything.

  podlod 08:04 28 Sep 2005

Hi, What I mean is, is there a software that I can view the image I place on my pc from 3rd angle projection, being from the front/back, sides, top/bottom, maybe it cannot be done although I saw a program on the televison perform this action? Brian

  Belatucadrus 11:38 28 Sep 2005

Can't be done, if the image isn't posted in 3d format, you aren't going to be able to view it that way.
You can if you wish use software like 3D photo builder click here to create 3D images and panoramas that you could then upload yourself.

  podlod 10:02 06 Oct 2005

Hi Belactucadrus, I have downloaded the 3d images but all it gives me are bizare flashing colours, maybe I`m doing something wrong and as I said before I am no expert on this subject, please help!!

  Belatucadrus 10:57 06 Oct 2005

Without knowing exactly what you've downloaded it's difficult to say what's going wrong, particularly as I don't actually use Anything3D. But looking at it it needs Java, do you have Java installed ? click here

  podlod 13:24 07 Oct 2005

Hi B, I went to the java site and there is quite a few to choose from,which one do I go for because it means nothing to me? Cheers.

  Belatucadrus 20:40 07 Oct 2005

As you don't need the development kit "Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language" click here;jsessionid=0636EE4AD666C3B76D76FD83BF486C06;jsessionid=0636EE4AD666C3B76D76FD83BF486C06

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