3 com Etherlink lll Lan PC card

  Hamunaptra 23:01 09 Sep 2003

This might be a silly question, but can the
"3 com Etherlink lll Lan PCcard for 10BASE-T
and coax " that has been used on a network Laptop be used on a stand alone Laptop as a normal modem. If the answer is yes, can i buy a connection that will change the network connection end into an end that fits into a normal telephone wall socket. If it is a stupid question, please excuse my ignorance.
I will read any advice given tomorrow as i have to retire now as i have an early start in the morning.

  Hamunaptra 15:31 11 Sep 2003

Any advice at all???

  caast©? 16:01 11 Sep 2003

I dont think so, It's a bit complicated so I will not swear to it, usually someone come up with a way around these sorts of thing.

However I think you will have to buy a new card, they are relatively cheap now anyway so probably find one as cheap as a convertor.

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