3 CDROM drives appear but I only have 2.

  Nikdb 10:00 14 Jun 2003

I was recently looking in My Computer, when I discovered that I have three CD ROM drives.
I have Windows 98 SE, 550Mhz, 316 MB RAM. I have a DVD drive (D:), a normal CD ROM drive (Q:) and a Floppy (A:) I now apperently have a third drive (E:)which does not exist. It is linked to the DVD drive somehow. However, if I put a disc in the D: drive, the icon only appears on the D: section, but not the E:, but if I click 'Eject' on E:, the D: drive ejects.
I have looked in System and it has not solved the issue. I have also removed the D: drive in question, booted up and found that the E: dissepeared from My Computer, but there was still a D: and a Q:. This is confusing, and is slowing down both my drives.

  Rtus 10:10 14 Jun 2003

Go to control panel look at the drives there under System properties and note which letter is allocated for the drives..then remove the errant one..you could also have a virtual one being set up by some software youve installed.Have you a autoexec entry for it ?

  Nikdb 10:29 14 Jun 2003

No not yet. do u mean autoexec.bat in MSDOS?
ive tried the system, but it doesnt even remove the drives off the system.

  beastieboy 10:38 14 Jun 2003

Installed anything like clonecd (not sure why you would have, but..)

Installed any CD software as sometimes it emulates another CD/DVD drive

  Nikdb 11:08 14 Jun 2003

thanks beastieboy - i may have done so.
on exploring deep into my harddrive, apperently drive E: is an MSDOS application. i still havnt found a way of removing it yet tho

  Rtus 11:47 14 Jun 2003

Some printers and Cameras set up as a virtual drive on the system . Sorry I should have been more precise go to start run type Sysedit and view your autoexec.bat there for entries ..also Does it give any name for the Mos dos application it refers to ?

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