3 beeps, No display ( Tried reseating RAM )

  Rapath 23:17 18 Nov 2014

Hi guys,

So I wake up one morning and press the power button to be greeted by 3 beeps and no display. I tried reseating the RAM and tried a new processor both not solving the solution. I took it a tec shop, they told me the motherboard had broken and fitted a new mobo for me and that the rest of the system was fine. This I found was not the case. I tried a different graphics card and still no difference. I am at my wits end. I have shed too many tears. I need your help.


  Forum Editor 19:22 19 Nov 2014

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  Ian in Northampton 20:25 19 Nov 2014

And: you should definitely consider taking it back to the people who claimed to have fixed it. I imagine a motherboard replacement wasn't cheap. Hopefully, you paid for the repair by credit card so that if they won't play ball, you can tell them you'll dispute the charge with the credit card company.

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