2xDrives want 2xOp Systems

  agostini 19:50 14 May 2005

Hi can you tell me how to install 2nd op sys .
I have win ME at present but would like to install win 98se on spare drive. i have boot magic but dont know how to install 2nd op sys.

Please help.


  LastChip 21:14 14 May 2005

This is due to Microsoft's insistence that you can't install an older operating system, than the existing. So '98 will find ME and say No!

In an ideal world, you would install '98 first, then install Boot Magic and make a recovery disk.

Then install ME to a different drive or partition. This would overwrite the boot files of '98, BUT, you can then use the recovery disk to reinstall the Boot Magic files, so you can get back into '98.

Having done that, you then add ME to the boot options in Boot Magic and that's it; job done!

Now. There may be a way around this, if you proceed as follows.

Disconnect your existing C: drive. Install the "new" drive and make sure it is set as Master. It also needs to be set as active. Install '98 to that drive and once complete, install Boot Magic and make the recovery disc as explained above.

Now either connect your ME drive to a separate channel as Master, or as Slave to the '98 drive. (Make sure it is jumpered correctly). Boot into '98 and add ME to Boot Magic and you should be in business.

  LastChip 21:32 14 May 2005

On reconsidering the above, it came to mind that any associated programs on the ME drive, may become unusable due to a drive letter change and hence loose their associations.

So on second thoughts, Disconnect the existing C: and install to new (as above). But then, disconnect the '98 drive and reinstall the "old" C: drive (ME) back and check it boots correctly. Nothing has changed on that, so it should pose no problems. Assuming all is well, install Boot Magic to the ME drive and shut down. Now reconnect '98 drive (Master or Slave as described above) and reboot.

You should now boot into Boot Magic with just ME showing in the list. Load ME, and now add your '98 drive to Boot Magic.

On reboot, Boot Magic should give you a choice of systems to boot into.

As your ME drive has remained as C:, all current programs should work with no problems.

  agostini 08:35 15 May 2005

Thanks LastChip,But it sounds a bit complicated for me to do i will have to get someone in to help. thanks again for your advice.

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